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Toyota Tundra Truck Graphics for South Jersey Asphalt Company

Posted on Mon, Dec, 14, 2015

Toyota Tundra Vehicle Graphics South JerseyAsphalt repairs, when performed incorrectly, can cost thousands of additional dollars. Substandard repairs may also pose numerous safety threats. When you’re in the asphalt business, customers will flock to the company with the best reputation.

American Asphalt Solutions needed a way to promote their brand and to connect with more people that require asphalt services. Ideally, they were hoping to contract a design that would be patriotic, attention-grabbing, and streamlined in appearance. After searching for partial truck graphics in South Jersey, they found what they were looking for at Sunrise Signs.

Our Client Needed Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck Graphics

Pickup Truck Graphics South JerseyAmerican Asphalt Solutions was officially founded in 1986 when Bob Brown, Chairman and CEO, purchased a small struggling asphalt company. He never dreamed that his tiny humble business would grow to be as successful and popular as it is today. Brown attributes that impressive success to a strict adherence to the company’s mission statement:

“To be Trusted,
as God has entrusted in us,
building not only roads and parking lots,
but lasting relationships.”

Their success is certainly due to a well-established reputation as a trustworthy organization and they continue to grow stronger with each new client. In order to further promote their line striping, paving and parking lot services, they contacted us to design and execute vehicle graphics for their Toyota Tundra. Similar to our client, we also have a reputation for providing excellent and reliable service. At Sunrise Signs, we take every job seriously – no matter how large or small.

The Challenge

Our client quickly found us after searching for truck graphics and wraps in South Jersey. After they communicated their ideas and needs to us during a brief consultation, we got to work designing an attractive custom vehicle wrap for their Toyota Tundra.

They already had an existing logo and color scheme for us to use, but the challenge actually comes with integrating existing materials into new graphic designs. The Sunrise Signs team worked diligently to turn the plain white truck into a motorized billboard.

The Sunrise Solution

Pickup Truck Graphics Design Proofs

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs for Pickup Trucks

We decided to go with a partial truck wrap to further emphasize our client’s American flag theme. The tailgate was transformed into a giant metal business card, neatly displaying American Asphalt’s logo with a shadow box, services that are offered, and contact information.

The large flags over the rear fenders are nicely complemented by the crisp white paint and blue text. After our client enthusiastically approved the proofs, we began printing the graphics using our specialized large format printer.

The Results

Contractor vehicle graphics South JerseyAmerican Asphalt Solutions was highly satisfied with the end product – both in quality and affordability. After all, no company wants to break the bank to market their services. Vehicle wraps are an excellent and cost-efficient way to promote your services while building your brand.

One of the unique aspects of this project is the large red graphics near and on the hood. Above the front fenders, the word “trusted” is printed in bold white text; this focal point draws from our client’s mission statement and reaffirms what most people are looking for in an asphalt paving company.

The bold and eye-catching truck graphics are sure to grab attention wherever the truck goes. The logo is even printed on the top of the hood, proudly displayed to any drivers who catch a glimpse in their rear-view mirrors. American Asphalt Solutions now receives many compliments and referrals due to the innovative and high-quality handiwork of Sunrise Signs.

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