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National Car Dealer Leverages Big Branding as a Highly Effective Recruitment Tool

Posted on Mon, Oct, 07, 2019

South Jersey Pickup Truck Wrap

Bold, clean, full vehicle wrap on a GMC Sierra pickup truck

The Challenge

Carvana was looking to recruit new technicians for their automotive and fleet positions around the Philadelphia area.  Knowing the stiff challenges presented by their competitors, Carvana realized that they would have to rely on strong branding and advertising in order to draw qualified technicians towards their business.  To do this they decided to harness the power of vehicle wraps and internal branding, so they reached out to Sunrise Signs in order to make it happen!

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Tags: pickup truck wraps, wall murals, internal branding, truck signage

Bold Credit Union Branding: Full Wrap of Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

Posted on Wed, Sep, 04, 2019

South Jersey Pickup Truck Wraps

Bold, clean, eye catching complete truck wrap

The Challenge

BHCU approached us looking for a way to help drive more business to their location and increase their local brand recognition. Knowing the power and effectiveness of vehicle wrap advertising, they knew they wanted a full wrap on their Dodge Ram 1500 that would catch the eye of their customers.  This would serve as branding showpiece and drive their local engagement efforts in Delaware County.  Helping businesses grow and expand their message is what we’re all about at Sunrise Signs, so we were ready to get to work!

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Tags: pickup truck wraps, credit union vehicle wraps, South Jersey vehicle wraps, Delaware County fleet graphics