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Lobby Signs Philadelphia


Make your Philadelphia business shine from the moment guests arrive with an attractive corporate lobby sign.

When you need a custom office sign in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, South Jersey, or Delaware, contact Sunrise Signs for a sign that won't let your image down.

All sign companies are not created equal.

When it comes to your office lobby, reception, or front desk signs, it's critical that the design, construction and durability will not let your image down.

There's nothing worse than a poorly contrasted logo or a dull lobby sign that does not give the right first impression of your company or business. 

So, the time you spend designing the sign with the right construction, materials, colors and design will pay off in the long run.

Don't make costly mistakes. Contact Sunrise Custom Signs before you order ANY signage.

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What is a lobby sign?

It’s a key type of indoor sign that will bring life to your reception area in several ways. When customers and guests step into your lobby, they’ll know they’ve arrived at the right location when your impressive sign greets them. This signage will help command your brand presence from the get-go and create a welcoming space as people enter. You can’t afford to miss out on creating a winning first impression with branded reception signs for your business.

Professional Lobby Signs Near You in Philadelphia

Look no further than Sunrise Signs as your trusted lobby sign manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA. Since 2008, we’ve been helping businesses transform the customer experience and grow their business with impressive signage.

We’re passionate about helping our customers and we offer full support to make the process completely seamless. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team works closely with each customer to help bring their vision to life.

If you’re ready to learn more and get started, connect with us today!

Learn More About Your Options for Types of Lobby Signs

There’s no shortage of options when it comes toshowcasing your brand with lobby signage. Our team at Sunrise Signs will help you narrow down the types of signs available and offer our recommendations on which sign type will perform best in your location.

Some of your options include:

  • Acrylic lobby signs
  • Metal lobby signs
  • Backlit lobby signs
  • 3D logo wall signs
  • 3D lobby signs

Don’t see the sign type listed that you’re looking for? Simply reach out to our team to discuss what you have in mind.

Request a Quote on the Cost of Lobby Signs

We start every project at Sunrise Signs with a detailed consultation. As our customer, we’ll discuss your unique needs, objectives, and intentions for your office lobby signsto develop a strategy and provide you with a quote.

We look forward to learning more about your business and discussing ideas on how to refresh your lobby with personalized signs that enhance your workplace and customer impressions, too.

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Make Your Brand Shine with Appealing Lobby Signs

When it comes to making the most powerful impact, generic signage in your lobby simply won’t do. To truly take advantage of the uses of lobby signs in your business, a custom approach is key. Our team at Sunrise Signs will work with you on personalized signs that enhance your branding and make use of your company’s specific fonts, colors, and graphics.

Our goal? To create a powerful visual experience with your signage that helps capture attention from the moment guests enter and establish winning first impressions for your business.

Get Started with Office Signs in Philadelphia

If you’re ready to invest in lobby signs for your business in Philadelphia, reach out to us at Sunrise Signs to take the next steps.

Businesses trust us with their signage projects because of our expert design team, quality materials, and advanced printing process. Your signs will be crafted to look great and last for a long time with our well-trained, expert team managing your project from end to end.

Take the first step and connect with us to get started!


  • How to use properly use dimension to make your name stand out?
  • What sign materials are available and work well together?
  • How to determine the proper size for your office and lobby signs?
  • What lighting options are available to put your sign in the spotlight?

Don't do anything before you contact Sunrise Sign! It's okay if you don't know exactly what you need, we'll figure it out together.

Contact us today either by completing our quick contact form on this page, or just give us a call at:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A welcoming office reception area greets people warmly, informs guests, and creates a winning first impression about your company. A key tool that will help you achieve these objectives is a lobby sign. Impressive-looking signs in your lobby can be custom crafted for your business and help make your reception area a great one.

The lifespan of each sign type tends to vary based on several factors. At Sunrise Signs, we are passionate about helping our customers while offering premium products with fantastic value. We never cut corners on quality and believe in sourcing high-quality materials from major suppliers. Connect with us to learn more and discuss your project.

If you’re ready to receive signage that shines, you can request a quote from us at Sunrise Signs as your first step. We make getting new signs for your business easy and seamless with our fulsome process. This includes discovery, planning, design, management, and installation.

When you work with us at Sunrise Signs for your lobby signage, you have the option to take a custom approach. This includes selecting the colors, fonts, graphics, and images that are featured on your signs. A personalized approach is sure to stand out as one that’s reflective of your business.

Depending on the type of lobby signage you’re looking for, the team at Sunrise Signs can offer their recommendations on materials that will be most effective. We’ll consider your business location along with other factors to ensure the materials you select will look great and help your signage to be successful.

The time it takes to make each sign will vary depending on the specifics of your project. However, when you work with our team at Sunrise Signs, you can rely on us to manage all aspects of bringing your signage ideas to life through our seamless process. From discovery through to planning, design, management, and installation, you can rely on our trusted team to take care of it all.

If you’re ready for impressive signage, you can request a quote from us at Sunrise Signs. We make getting new signs for your business easy and seamless with our fulsome process. This includes discovery, planning, design, management, and installation. But first, connect with us to discuss what you have in mind for your project.

The installation procedure and its fees are included in your project and final invoice. Different signs may have different installation procedures so you can discuss your specific needs with our team to get the installation style you need at an agreeable price.

Yes. Acrylic signs are a versatile and durable sign type that many businesses turn to for a sleek, modern look. Plus, you have some options in customizing acrylic signs to achieve just the look you need for your business. Learn more about acrylic signs from Sunrise Signs and connect with us to request a quote.

Before purchasing a sign, you’ll want to consider a range of factors that will help bring your signage ideas to life. This includes your sign’s size, location, placement, design, materials, and more. If this seems like a lot of considerations, don’t worry. You can put your trust in the experts at Sunrise Signs to guide you in designing and creating impactful signage that shines.