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Outdoor Signage for Businesses Philadelphia

Outdoor Floor Decals and Monument Signs for Business in Philadelphia

When you need Custom Outdoor Signs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, South Jersey, or Delaware, contact Sunrise Signs for a sign that won't let your image down!

Outdoor signage is crucial for your business, especially when they’re done right. These signs will make the biggest difference in whether or not on lookers and motorists stop at your business or keep going past it. Outdoor sign is your business’s first impression on your potential consumers. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities because your exterior signs did a poor job at representing who and what your business stands for.

All sign companies are not created equal

When it comes to your Outdoor Signs, Building Signs, and Commercial Signage, it's critical that the design, construction and durability will not let your image down.

There's nothing worse than a saggy logo or a waterlogged and blinking neon display letters off or out or missing. 

So, the time you spend designing the sign with the right construction, materials, colors and design will pay off in the long run.

Don't make costly mistakes. Contact Sunrise Signs before you order any signage.

Contact us for a free outdoor sign quote!


  • Why my new sign is fading?
  • What can I do to be sure my sign won't blow over? 
  • Why the sign guy doesn't call me back?
  • How can I get a sign that will look good in all 4 seasons?
  • How do I go about acquiring the necessary permits?

Are you looking to pique your target audience's interest with your outdoor business signs? Look no further than Sunrise Signs to create all your custom outdoor signs.

What is outdoor signage?

Exterior signage includes all your signs located outside of your establishment. These signs are meant to showcase your business to your target audience in Philadelphia. Use your outdoor branding as your competitive differentiator to stand out from the sea of competitors. There is no sign too big for your exterior. Outdoor signs are meant to brand your location, provide insight into what your business is about, and help customers, and potential customers locate where you are.

Types of outdoor signs

These signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and illumination options. Depending on your needs, our team can help guide you through selecting the right outdoor sign choice to complement your business’s exterior.

Some outdoor signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Channel letters
  • Metal signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Monument signs
  • Yard signs
  • Window graphics
  • LED signs
  • Storefront signs

Whichever option you select for your business, the sign specialists at Sunrise Signs will work alongside you to ensure your Philadelphia business is designing a sign that will get your business the right exposure in your area.

Uses for Outdoor Signs

Fostering brand recall.

The only way to get your business out there is to use visual communication tools that represent who you are as a business to your target audience. By showcasing your business name, logo, or slogan, potential customers will begin to recognize and recall your brand because of these signs. For a bold statement, invest in illuminated outdoor sign letters. If you’re looking for a cost-effective sign option, yard signs will do the trick. Your signs are an amazing marketing tool; use them to your advantage.

Increasing your business's visibility.

Outdoor signs ensure your business gets noticed 24/7. Pylon signs, for instance, are massive freestanding structures that can get your Philadelphia business noticed from near and far. With these outdoor signs, passers-by won’t miss your location and could be the reason why they chose you over your competitors because they were able to spot you first. Exterior lighted signs are also a great option to increase your visibility. These signs allow your business to shine during the day or night to draw customers to your establishment.

Becoming a local landmark.

Your exterior building signs must look like they’re an extension of your business’s structure. By ensuring a cohesive look, your signs won’t look out of place. In fact, they can become an eye-catching statement piece in your local community. By investing in a monument sign, for example, your business can become a permanent landmark where even if someone isn’t visiting your establishment, they can pinpoint where you are within the area. High-quality outdoor signs will ensure your business always stays top of mind.

Are you looking for outdoor signs near you?

Trust your local outdoor sign company in Philadelphia to steer you in the right direction to making an important investment that can make a huge impact on your business. At Sunrise Signs, you can work with experienced sign makers to design and create your outdoor signs that will keep your business top of mind. Our team will guide you through the entire sign making process, from the consultation to the installation of your exterior sign. We will also make sure you are aware of the cost of outdoor signs so we can design a sign that will stay within your budget while meeting all of your signage needs.

Be sure to invest in a sign that will benefit you in the long run. Though it may be a costly initial investment, the benefits your business will reap over time will make the cost worthwhile. Let the Sunrise Signs team help your business. Contact us today.

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