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What Full Body Truck Graphics Can Do For Your Business

Full body truck graphicsWe often get calls and emails on what’s involved in the vehicle wrap process and many wonder about how to use their company trucks to help advertise their business—this is where full body truck graphics come into play—and they market better than any ad other method out there today.

Fed Up with Advertising?

Sunrise Signs pays close attention to marketing and advertising trends because we’re in the business. We’ve read so many statistics on why small business owners are tired of trying marketing methods like direct mail, flyers on cars in shopping malls or grocery stores, one-day blow-out sales, etc.—nothing seems to reel in the customers.

Sure a business makes a few sales but after the ad campaign dies down, their right back where they started, looking for a unique way to pitch their products or services.

So you try something different. You drop hundreds (even thousands) into print ads in newspapers and magazines or try out the pay-per-click advertising available on the Web. You try a jingle or ad on the radio or try and reach your target market with the TV ads you can afford but more than not, these ads are not in the optimal prime time viewing arena you desire—those are simply too expensive.

Again, you see some traffic and again, when the campaigns are over, your sales revenues drop. No one remembers the full-color page ad you ran on consecutive Sundays a month ago, because that’s old news.

Consumers Are Fed Up Too

Where to get full body truck graphicsIn order to compete and stay fresh in consumers mind, you must consistently advertise and build your brand. Unfortunately, advertising constantly is expensive and the return on your invested ad dollars is often upside down—meaning you’re shelling out more for marketing than the number of sales revenues generated.

J. Walker Smith, President of marketing trends giant Yankelovich, offered how consumers are also fed up with advertising. Smith, in a Yankelovich press release offered of today’s consumer, “61% feel the amount of marketing and advertising is out of control; and 65% feel constantly bombarded with too much marketing and advertising.”

So are you doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t advertise? Not necessarily.

The Immergence of Truck Wraps

If we look at some of the advertising and marketing predictions made by Smith in his press release to engage consumers instead of making them angry, full body truck graphics advertising do seem like the way to market in the 21st century.

Smith points out, to market correctly it “means truly delivering precise and relevant messages geared toward specific individuals while empowering consumers.”

Vehicle graphics and wraps advertising is not new, but it is a form of marketing that is unlike any other. If we look at Smith’s three concerns about ads we feel truck wraps advertising fits the bill. Let’s dig a little deeper:

1. Are the ad messages relevant?

Full body truck graphics examplesA newspaper ad might not be relevant if it’s advertising something consumers don’t want. Truck graphics on the other hand, are always relevant. Why? They don’t pick and choose the audience they reach nor do they take into account what  consumer may need and when.

What they do is advertise 24/7, even when stationary so they are relevant 100 percent of the time.

2. Are they geared toward specific individuals?

If an ad needs to be “relevant” and also be geared toward “specific individuals” how do you determine what’s relevant to every consumer? One consumer may need a product or service where another does not. How do you find your “specific” audience.

Again, full body truck graphics and wraps aren’t picky or pushy. They are there for all to see, consider and good vehicle wraps offer the power of noticeability and  memorability. Even if the customer doesn’t want your product or service at the moment (relevancy), because 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw, when they do need your product, you’ve already reached your “specific” audience.

3. Do they empower the consumer?

pictures of full body truck graphicsAs far as empowering the consumer, the traditional forms of advertising overwhelm or annoy: “I see that ad all the time, how do I know this product (or service) is really the best?” Consumers bombarded with repetitive ads don’t feel empowered, they feel pressured.

With full body truck wraps advertising, you gain the sophistication of consistency and empower the consumer—to make a choice—to want your product without the sales pitch. To remember your company visually so when they need your service or product, they turn to you.

Vehicle wraps advertising isn’t pushy and it doesn’t spit out flyers, sales pitches or annoying jingles. What vehicle graphics do is consistently offer the consumer a choice and if customers have a choice and don’t feel pressured, they do indeed feel “empowered.”

Make the Smart Advertising Change

Instead of being fed up with trying every ad method out there today and annoying consumers, why not engage them with full body truck graphics?

We are your branding and marketing experts so let’s get started on an ad campaign that works.

Drive Sales With a Truck Graphic Ad Campaign!

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