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Contractor Truck Graphics: Your #1 Advertising Tool

Contractor truck graphicsDoes your contractor advertising budget drive you crazy? Whether you calculate it quarterly or annually, marketing is a must-do. While no business should put all their advertising dollars in one bucket, there are smart decisions you can make to lower your budget expenses. How? Truck Graphics!

The Case for Choosing This Ad Medium

As a business owner you may think truck graphics for your work vehicles or fleet are too expensive. In fact, 3M a well-known manufacturer of vinyl film reports a business would have to shell out $130,000 of ad dollars to achieve the same effect as one $3500 wrapped vehicle. So, all those newspaper, radio and print ads are great but why are contractor truck graphics a better choice?

They Are a Billboard on Wheels

Drivers, their passengers and folks on the street see and notice truck graphics. They turn your contractor work truck into a moving billboard on wheels. Think about how many times you’ve seen a business advertised on a van, truck or car. Or, count how many you see in one day’s work while you’re out on the job visiting client’s homes and businesses.

Because vinyl colors are so vibrant and designs, graphics and imagery are all different based on the company we work with, your contractor truck wraps are more than a moving billboard—they are a 24/7, never-stop-advertising pictorial of your business.

They Are Your Customer’s First Impression

Truck graphics a moving billboard on wheelsConsumers today want to trust the service contractors they hire. And, when you arrive at a home or business in an all-white truck or a truck with faded and cracked painted lettering, you are offering the wrong first impression.

What if instead of that peeling, fading, cracked work vehicle you showed up with a truck blazoned with graphics that portrayed what your contractor business is all about, the areas your serve,  your motto, company name, website address and an easy-to-read telephone number?

Even if you are the best of the best in your industry and receive a lot of referrals, you will come upon clients that are turned off by your bland, nondescript truck. You may think you’ve gained the job but once you knock on the door, they’ve seen your truck and may tell you they’ve already hired another contractor. Remember, truck graphics are your customer’s first impression of your business.

Your Work Vehicles Pile Up the Miles

Contractor Truck LetteringService contractors travel a lot each and every day and cover a variety of service areas. As you drive these miles, if your trucks, work vans or box trucks are wrapped with graphics, you gain a better chance of consumers noticing your company and more importantly, remembering your business.

In fact, 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw. So, if your contractor vehicle has graphics, as it drives around your service area, the chances of your target market choosing you first is much higher than if you drove an all-white, unnoticeable vehicle.

Remember the old Yellow Page ad, “Let your fingers do the walking?” Think of truck graphics this way: Let your truck graphics, lettering and imagery "do the advertising 365 days a year," even when parked!

The Lowest Cost to Advertise

As we mentioned earlier, no contractor should put all their ad dollars in one basket, but the baskets they choose should be chosen wisely. The Small Business Association (SBA) says that a business with revenues of five million or less should spend between seven to eight percent of gross revenues on advertising—that number may be higher if you’re just starting out—as high as 20 percent.

Truck graphics cost per impression

As you can see in the graphic above, a study by Arbitron shows the cost of vehicle graphics per one thousand impressions is less than any other traditional form of marketing. Combine the power of contractor truck graphics with localized marketing such as radio ads and local newspapers, and you’ll gain a winning ad campaign.

A Variety of Contractor Truck Graphics

At Sunrise Signs, we are experts in the vehicle wraps and graphics business so we offer a solution for every contractor and every ad budget. These include:

Contractor vehicle spot graphicsStandard – With this package you can take advantage of vinyl truck lettering. The letters can be printed on vinyl film that represents your corporate colors and typography (font).  And, no matter the make or model of your work vehicles, vinyl lettering can be prominently placed for optimal viewing.

Good – Spot graphics are also effective. Here, via the use of our in-house design experts, we create, fabricate and install spot graphics on your vehicles using the latest vehicle templates. Consider your logo as a spot graphic, for example.

Better – Combine spot graphics with truck lettering for an even more eye-appealing look. The two complement each other and via our PMS color match system, we make sure your spot graphics and truck lettering are identical. Or, opt for partial wraps where part of the vehicle is wrapped and the other part includes lettering or spot graphics.

Best – Full vehicle wraps are by far your best option.  If you think of any ad campaign the bigger you go, the better and the same is true with truck graphics. Wrapped on the sides, the rear, the hood and even the roof makes for one-of-kind contractor vehicles that consumers will remember.


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In the end, the choice of a contactor truck graphics package is up to you and your ad budget but don’t skip them entirely. On average, just one vehicle with graphics can achieve between 30,000 and 70,000 visual views in one day. Since you’re out driving from job to job anyway, why not use one of your largest assets to market your contractor business?


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