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Building Signs


Did you know that 85% of your customers live or work within a 5-mile radius of your business? With your target market just nearby, it’s important to build your business’s visibility in Philadelphia. And there’s no better way to do it than having the right business signs.

What is Building Signage?

Building signs are exactly how they sound; they are the signs typically found on your building. These visual displays are essential for conveying your message to existing and potential customers. They establish your presence, identity, and attract customers to your space.

At Sunrise Signs, we create customized building signs for your business needs. Talk to us about adding to or updating your signs today! Contact us and get a free consultation.

Types of Building Signs

The cost of building signs varies depending on the type of sign, material, and design you choose. It’s always best to speak with an expert so that you can get an accurate estimate for your project. At Sunrise Signs, we offer a wide selection of options that can match your business and budget needs:

  • Channel Letters - This type of building sign is a popular choice among businesses in Philadelphia. They are three-dimensional and typically used to display your business name and logo.
  • Lighted Building Signs - These are signs illuminated using LED lights. They are a great option when you want a sign that’s visible 24/7.
  • Commercial Awnings - These exterior building signs are overhanging coverings usually made of vinyl or canvas material. They extend from your building’s doors or windows. Aside from being eye-catching, these signs create shade from wind, rain, and sunlight. It helps protect people and also your indoor space, by keeping away the elements.
  • Pylon Signs - These are freestanding outdoor business building signs. They stand tall, with one or two poles holding a signboard that displays your business name. Their height makes these signs visible even from a great distance.

Uses of Building Signs

There are many reasons to invest in building signs in Philadelphia. They can be used in different ways for the benefit of your business.

  • Wayfinding - You may have the best products or services. However, it won’t make a difference if people don’t know where to find you. Building signs are essential wayfinding tools. They make your business easier to locate.
  • Branding - Custom building signs are very useful for your branding strategy. Think about how you want to elevate your brand with the design. This way, you can build brand familiarity at each point of contact.
  • Advertising - Signage, no matter the type, is an essential tool for your marketing campaigns. These signs help promote not just your business, but also your products and services. They let you display your various offerings and attract the interest of your target customers.

High-Quality Building Signs Near You

Sunrise Signs is the B2B signage company that you can trust. We are a full-service sign company in Philadelphia. We help design, produce, and install your signage needs. Our years of experience enable us to create vibrant, eye-catching signs that make a difference in your business.
Give us a call today to discuss your commercial building signs requirements and we’ll give you a free quote.