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Trailer Wraps Philadelphia: Billboards on Wheels

Trailer Graphics for Trucks by Sunrise Signs

Trailer Wraps

A trailer wrap is a way to turn your existing enclosed trailer or cargo trailer into a highly visible billboard on wheels. Wrapping is when we take a large format, high quality graphics printed on adhesive vinyl, and shrink wrap the graphics to a smooth surface.

Wraps are long lasting, easily removable, and do not harm the surfaces that they stick to. What makes a trailer wrap different from other kinds of wraps is the sheer amount of space that you can take advantage of. Don't waste this potential marketing goldmine; whether you're advertising a new product or service, showing off pictures of previous projects, or you're simply expanding your branding and getting your name out there, a trailer wrap will say it loudly.

Custom Trailer Wraps for Business in Philadelphia

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Why wrap your trailer?

Your enclosed trailer probably turns heads where ever it goes just because of its enormous size, but when you add bold graphics and lettering to your trailer, you've created a mobile marketing sensation. With proper care, a trailer wrap can last for about five years, meaning that averaged out over the course of several years, a trailer wrap can cost you as little as a few dollars a day! If you're still unsure of what owning your own portable billboard can do for your business, just consider these statistics:

  • According to the American Trucking Association (ATA) 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics.
  • The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement demonstrated that a vehicle can generate between 30K – 70K impressions daily.
  • According to 3M (a prominent tape and vinyl substrate provider) a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effects of a $3,500 vehicle wrap.
  • Studies effectively show vehicle graphics make name recognition more than 15 times greater.
Blue Trailer Wraps for Advertising by Sunrise Signs

Who can benefit from a trailer wrap?

Mlps Trailer Wraps in Philadelphia

Regardless of what you use your trailer for, we can help, but here are some specific ideas for industries that we commonly work with...

  • General Contractors: If you're a contractor, show off some of your previous projects, like kitchens, additions, or bathrooms with high quality pictures on the sides of your trailer
  • Landscaping Companies: Grab attention with color! People are sure to notice bright greens and colorful pictures of flowers, trees, and gardens
  • Hardscaping Companies: A unique looking brick or outdoor tile pattern can really turn heads!
  • Windows and Siding: Improve view for other drivers by creating a wrap that showcases some of your window installations
  • Solar Power Companies: This is a great way to inspire others to check out your services!
  • Flooring/ Carpeting: Bring carpet samples and examples out of your swatch book, and onto the road!
  • Insulation: List your services and describe the kinds of materials you work with next to a cozy-looking house graphic
  • Equipment: If your team has an equipment trailer, spread some team spirit with a logo or mascott inspired wrap
  • Plumbing: Everyone needs a plumber some time, get calls from neighbors and friends when you park your wrapped trailer outside of house calls.

What kinds of trailers can we wrap?

Wheeler Group Trailer Wraps for Busines in Philadelphias

Trailer wraps come three ways; full wraps, partial wraps, or lettering. A full wrap means covering your trailer from top to bottom in vinyl. These wraps are perfect if you're interested in including lots of pictures of your services, and they definitely get the most attention.

If you don't think that you'll need all of your available space, save a little on the cost of materials and go for a partial wrap. Partial trailer wraps might include graphics on just half the trailer, like the back end.

Your final option is to go with simple lettering. If you just want to make sure that everyone knows what company the trailer belongs to, or you'd like to include something simple like a web address of phone number, lettering is the easiest way to get your name out there!

We're happy to wrap trailers of all shapes and sizes. We can wrap smaller trailers on site in our Philadelphia area workshop space, and larger trailers are wrapped in a nearby temperature controlled warehouse. If we can't find an existing template for your trailer, we'll create a custom one for you.

We can wrap all of the following popular brands, and anything else!

  • Ace Trailers
  • Wells Cargo
  • American Trailers
  • Franklin Trailers
  • Summit Trailers
  • Pace Trailers

The Sunrise Process:

At Sunrise Signs, we offer an unbeatable combination of premium materials, friendly service, a creative design staff, and certified professional installers. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your marketing investment, so we ask lots of questions, and listen to your needs carefully.
We can do everything from consultation, to design, to installation in our Philadelphia area location, or we can come to you with our national network of installation experts. If you'd like to keep learning about the benefits of vehicle wraps, as well as read spotlights on past projects and see pictures and videos, check out the rest of our website. Or you can get started on your trailer wrap today by clicking the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl wraps typically last around 5 to 7 years on average. However, you can prolong its lifespan with proper care and maintenance. Choosing high-quality vinyl also ensures you get a longer lifespan out of your wrap. Contact Sunrise Signs today for your wrapping needs.

The cost of wrapping a trailer varies depending on several factors. This can include the type of vinyl used, the complexity of the design, and more. Since trailers are on the larger side, the amount of vinyl needed for full or partial coverage can also affect the cost. Get a free quote today by giving us a call.

No single trailer wrap is the same. For this reason, the length of time it takes to wrap a trailer also varies. Simple decals, for instance, can only take a few hours. However, a full or partial wrap can take a minimum of one day and more depending on the extent of your wrap design.

Several elements go into designing a trailer wrap that serves your business well:

  • It's important to get the full specs of your trailer. This ensures that measurements are precise.
  • You’ll need the layout of the final design to make sure nothing crucial is cut or distorted.
  • Find expert installers for a seamless end product.

It's important to prep your vehicle before wrapping to ensure a successful and seamless installation. Start with cleaning your trailer. Dust and residue can prevent the adhesives from sticking to the vehicle's surface. You may need a wax or grease cleaner for this. Also, immediately get your vehicle wrapped to reduce dirt and contaminants.

Trailer wraps have strong adhesives that can cling to your vehicle's surface for years. However, they can be removed when needed. For the sake of ensuring your vehicle’s paint is left intact, we only recommend getting your wrap removed by a signage professional with the tools to do it seamlessly.

Trailer wraps, along with many other vehicle wrap options, let you turn your vehicle into a moving advertising machine. This means you can promote your brand, products, and services wherever your trailer goes. It's a great way to catch attention when on the road, especially in areas with heavy traffic.

The amount of vinyl wrap you need largely depends on the actual size of your trailer. As a standard, you only need to measure the length of your vehicle to determine the size of the wrap. It's also important to add about 6 inches to the front and back to account for the vehicle's curves.

Yes, wrapping a trailer is always a good idea. It is one of the most effective ways of advertising your business. It's eye-catching, dynamic, and perfect for building brand awareness and recognition. Also, vinyl wraps can protect your vehicle's original paint. This means maintaining the future value of your trailer.

No, wrapping your trailer generally doesn't damage the vehicle's original paint. Vinyl wraps are built to adhere to vehicle surfaces without any issues. As long as you choose the right type of vinyl and get it installed and removed by an expert, your paint should be fine.