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What Are Corporate and Company Timeline Wall Murals?

Corporate Timeline of company history Wall MuralsTimelines tell the history of company walls. Visit Fortune 500 companies and you’ll see these in their conference rooms and lobbies. Museums and cultural centres are famous for wall timelines that convey how an era started or how art was discovered and evolved.

Corporate timeline wall murals are used for many types of companies today—in all types of industries. Some to reveal a company’s beginning goals and how it has grown over the years. Others are about founders and original ideas. Then there are those that show how products have progressed or how manufacturing has changed. In any event, timelines in the form of wall murals make for stunning corporate displays.

Timeline of Company History Wall Murals as an Exhibit

The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to design and materials used. While most of the wall mural elements are fabricated using heavy-duty vinyl, a company can add to their timeline with accessories. Below, we see the text (in vinyl) offers snippets of information from the decade. Below are acrylic holders for books or catalogues where one can browse for more information.

Timeline Wall Murals


Tell a Founder’s Story

Instead of just text alone, pictures can be transferred onto a mural. The use of text and graphics are a great way to tell the story of the corporation’s founders, how they changed and developed over the years and what goals they achieved. These are especially nice when a company has a dedicated, lifetime CEO.

Timeline wall murals that tell a story


Things That Inspired a Company

Another popular type of mural is those that include images of history that influenced a business. Add text and weave in images of a company’s path and you have a stunning display that will showcase any wall. These are best for businesses that are open to the public and also for educational purposes.

Corporate Timeline Wall Murals for History


Acrylic Protected Combo Timelines

A corporate culture that is rich in history may need to go for tons of text and graphics but also look for ways to keep the wall mural long-lasting. This is easily down with acrylic stand-offs. The acrylic in the timeline seen below actually becomes part of the timeline with vinyl applied to the surface. What lies behind is imagery that complements the timeline.

Acrylic and Vinyl Wall Mural Timelines


The Benefits

Using wall murals for corporate timelines offers a few incentives. Not only is the timeline there for your employees, customers and visitors to see, it also portrays your corporate culture. Over time, the wall becomes part of your brand and clients and the workforce alike come to believe in what the organization stands for along with its goals and vision. Above all, company timeline wall murals tell a story and for every corporation, that story is an important tale.

Ready to Tell Your Story with  a Timeline Wall Mural?

Image credits:
Montgomery Parks / Exhibit Files / Behance / Phil Manker / Fifty Two Changes



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