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Westmont Ace Hardware Builds a Brand With Ford E-Series Van Wraps in Camden County NJ

Posted on Mon, Apr, 29, 2013

Ace Hardware Franchise vehicle wrapsAce Hardware is a brand all its own but franchisees of this hardware store mega giant can brand locally with franchise vehicle wraps. That’s just what the Getzinger family did for their Ace Hardware franchise located in Westmont New Jersey in Camden County.

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Check Out This Extreme Fleet Sprinter Van Graphics Makeover!

Posted on Fri, Dec, 28, 2012

Fleet Sprinter Van wrapsSprinter vans are popular vehicles for all businesses with an industrial focus much like Material Handling Supply, Inc. (MHS). Founded in 1970, MHS now boasts over 140 employees and has an office in Brooklawn New Jersey in Camden County and in 2005 and 2011 they opened two more offices in Delaware.

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Animal Welfare Association Spruces Up Sprinter With Van Wraps in Camden County NJ!

Posted on Tue, Sep, 18, 2012

Animal Welfare Association Sprinter Van WrapsLocated in Voorhees New Jersey in Camden County is the non-profit Animal Welfare Association (AWA), an organization dedicated to helping all animals in Southern New Jersey. Some of the programs they offer include finding forever families through adoption programs, vet services and pet therapy. The Animal Welfare Association also provides humane education programs for children of all ages.

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AquaHab Fitness Centers Tweaks Dodge Grand Caravan with Van Wraps in PA & NJ!

Posted on Fri, Aug, 10, 2012

AquaHab Fitness Center Dodge Grand Caravan Van WrapsWhen the name of a fitness and physical therapy center takes the name of AquaHab, right away the message is “water” and how this amazing liquid can heal and keep us fit. AquaHab L.P. offers just that in their Aquatic & Fitness Centers and their Physical Therapy Centers. The best part of AquaHab may be their incorporation of both traditional programs and equipment you find in many gyms but also their water exercise classes.

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allRisk Property Damage Experts Restore Chevy Express Van With Van Wraps in NJ

Posted on Thu, Jul, 19, 2012

Nationwide Chevy Express van wrapsFor over 15 years, allRisk Property Damage Experts have been doing exactly what they say: “After disaster, allRisk reopens your business faster.”

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Selective Flooring Gets New Surface With Ford E250 Van Wraps in Gloucester County NJ!

Posted on Tue, Jul, 17, 2012

Selective Flooring Ford E250 Van WrapsSelective Flooring, a one-stop flooring contractor in Sewell New Jersey serves Gloucester County and many more areas! Take a trip over to their website to see all the cities and towns they serve and the large roundup of products they utilize to install the best of the best for both homes and businesses.

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New Jersey American Water Dresses Up Fleet of Chevy Express Vans with Van Wraps!

Posted on Thu, Jun, 28, 2012

New Jersey Fleet Van WrapsNew Jersey American Water serves approximately 2.5 million people in 17 counties! Their services include providing the freshest of water and wastewater services. They are also committed to education on water conservation and follow EPA regulations to ensure every glass of water is of the highest of quality and safe for drinking.

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New Jersey’s Gloucester County Community Church Proud of Ford E250 Van Wraps!

Posted on Tue, Jun, 26, 2012

GCCC Van WrapsLocated on Chapel Heights Road in Sewell New Jersey is the Gloucester County Community Church (GCCC).  This church has a rich history and was first organized in 1982 by Reverend Dr. J. Bruce Sofia. Rev. Dr. Sofia had a vision and goal to start an interdenominational church with the purpose of “meeting the needs of people from the youngest to the oldest.”

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Bu Jo Flooring Specialists Spices Up Old Dodge Ram Van with Van Wraps in New Jersey!

Posted on Thu, Jun, 21, 2012

New Jersey Van WrapsWhat can a great full service flooring contractor do when the vehicle they use as a work van starts to get old yet remains in top shape mechanically and still has tons of useful life left? Bu Jo Flooring Specialists in New Jersey had a 2003 Dodge Ram Van which fell right into this category!

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Ford E-Series Commercial Van Wrap for Dean’s Greens Landscaping

Posted on Thu, Jun, 07, 2012

Awesome Van Wrap ExampleFor over 26 years, Dean’s Greens, a family owned and operated landscaping, gardening and irrigation enterprise has been servicing the Berkeley Heights New Jersey area. A well-known local company, Dean’s Greens likes to “give back” to its community by offering free products from their garden and nursery center to local school districts—what a way to help students learn about plants, flowers and greenery life and growth!

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