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Chevy Silverado Truck Wraps for Roofing and Siding Contractor!

Silverado Truck Wraps South JerseyDriving a 2012 Chevy Silverado extended cab model work truck, the owner of KJ Schmitt Roofing & Siding is familiar with the advantages that mobile marketing brings to the table. Companies that incorporate highly visible contractor vehicle wraps for Pine Hill, NJ, consumers to see succeed in building their name recognition and generate brand awareness among prospective customers. By positioning their brands in this manner, the clients will think of them first rather than flipping through ads when inviting bids.

KJ Schmitt Roofing & Siding Wanted to Upgrade to a Contractor Truck Wrap

Located at 1201 Weber Drive in Pine Hill, KJ Schmitt Roofing & Siding has been serving customers since 2013. The business relies on a large Chevy Silverado truck to transport crew members and materials. Since contractors routinely do plenty of traveling in and around the areas they serve, it makes sense to become a more noticeable local presence with the help of mobile marketing.

Meeting the Challenge

Contractor Truck Wraps Pine Hill NJIn the past, the roofing and siding company had not invested in contractor truck wraps. South Jersey customers instead saw a logo display without added graphics on the side of the vehicle. After meeting with the client, we designed the full wrap’s look. In fact, we did not leave an inch of the vehicle bare.

The Sunrise Solution Meets the Challenge Head On

Chevy Silverado Truck Wrap Design Proofs

Contractor truck wrap design proofs South Jersey

Truck Wrap Design Proofs Pine Hill NJ

The overall color design features gradient changes that include dark yellow, orange and red tones. The rear window presents a perforated vinyl design that shows off the company’s name and logo. Since the name includes a niche explanation, there was no need to add any more verbiage to the perf. We treated the bottom half of the vehicle’s sides with the name and logo display against a black backdrop. This color serves as an attention-getting counterpoint to the lighter, gradient color displays of the vehicle’s top half.

To the sides, we added a phone number and a notation that identifies this business as serving residential and commercial venues. We also added symbols for standard payment forms the company accepts. The tailgate repeats the contact and payment information as well as the niche explanation. Also, it highlights that this business tackles flat roofs and shingles. Adding that KJ Schmitt Roofing & Siding provides free estimates, and is fully insured, further continues the conversation with the consumer. Although not featuring a marketing message, the color treatment of the truck’s hood greatly enhances the overall aesthetics of the treated vehicle.

The Results: Chevy Silverado Vehicle Wraps Customers Cannot Help but Notice

Chevy Silverado Truck Wraps South JerseyThe business owner wanted the vehicle to stand out and make a splash. The graphics package and color mix design accomplish this feat. The combination of red, yellow and orange tones with the black color counterpoint unite to present an easily recognizable display that instantly identifies this business and its products as well as the services it offers. There is now no mistaking who pulls up to give an estimate or whose work crew is on the job.

Upgrading a contractor’s visibility to this extent maximizes the effect of other marketing efforts the company undertakes. Since we keep all the graphics on file, it will be easy to add on to the company’s fleet at some point in the future. This policy comes in handy for businesses that add to their fleets or incorporate trailers into their daily operations.

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Here's a look at some larger images of these Chevy Silverado truck graphics...

Roofing Contractor Truck Wraps South Jersey

Roofing and Siding Contractor Truck Graphics Pine Hill NJ

Chevy Silverado Truck Wraps for Contractors in South Jersey

Truck Wraps for Contractors in Pine Hill NJ

Examples of Chevy Silverado Truck Wraps

Images of Chevy Silverado Truck Graphics South Jersey

Where to Get Truck Wraps in South Jersey

Buy the Best Contractor Truck Wraps in Pine Hill NJ

One of a kind Contractor Truck Wraps South Jersey

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