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First Impression Business Branding Ideas for Facilities and Offices

Posted on Fri, May, 31, 2019

South Jersey Office Wall Mural

We all know first impressions matter. That’s why we make sure there’s nothing in our teeth before a meeting, why we keep lint rollers in our car, and maintain diligent eye contact. Doing these things make sure we’re presenting the best version of ourselves to our customers, employees, and co-workers. But what about the office or facility you work in? What about the physical building you and your customers visit everyday? What kind of first impression is being made there?

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A Tantalizing Food Truck Wrap on CNBC's The Profit

Posted on Fri, Aug, 11, 2017

If you tuned into The Profit on CNBC this week, Marcus Lemonis was taking a look at mobile gelato company HipPOP, that was struggling to expand into franchising the business.  All throughout the episode there were a bunch of glimpses at the HipPOP’s food truck wrap and the company's vehicle fleet branding.  While the commitment level of the company’s owner wasn’t so hot, their use of vehicle branding was a cool as can be.



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5 Things About Wall Graphics and Murals to Know Before Buying!

Posted on Thu, Sep, 08, 2016

5 Things to Know About Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Philadelphia

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4 Visual Employee Appreciation Ideas!

Posted on Thu, Aug, 18, 2016

4 Visual Employee Appreciation Ideas

It’s not just a visual world we live in; those visuals are almost must-dos in the workplace. Your staff wants to be recognized, honored and supported. We’ve come up with four visual employee appreciation ideas that will be well-received and talked about around the water cooler and beyond!

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5 Examples of Modern Pickup Truck Branding Designs

Posted on Tue, Aug, 16, 2016

5 Examples of Modern Pick-Up Truck Branding DesignsBranding your business on your company vehicles is proven to be a successful marketing and advertising tool. But what’s the modern way to do so? Here we look at just five examples of modern pickup truck branding using vinyl graphics.

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4 Must-Read Design Tips for Vinyl Wall Graphics and Murals!

Posted on Thu, Jul, 28, 2016

4 Must Read Design Tips for Wall Graphics and Wall MuralsAre you thinking of turning your fantastic vacation pictures into wall murals for the office? Are you inspired by the recent seminar you attended and intend to spell out some of the things you learned as wall letters with some graphics? Stop! Although your intentions are good, your execution might be lacking. Of course, if you follow our four must-read tips for wall graphics and murals, you cannot help but create winning displays. We like to call them the “why, what, where, and how” of image selection and presentation.

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Reasons to Add Color to Your Office Walls and How to Do It!

Posted on Mon, Jul, 25, 2016

Reasons to Add Color to Your Office Walls and How to Do ItEmployees yawning? Or, worse, client yawning inside your lobby? You might want to take another look at your work spaces and reception area. If walls are bland and boring, there are facts on why adding color to your office is so important in today’s corporate culture.

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Vehicle Graphics Brand Differently To Everyone Who Sees Them!

Posted on Tue, Apr, 26, 2016

Vehicle Graphics Brand Differently to Everyone Who Sees ThemWhat happens when a well-known national brand adds interactivity to its logo? The answer is simple: customized branding. Brazil’s telecommunication giant Oi did exactly that. Adweek explains that the company collaborated with a design studio that allowed the brand’s logo shape to move and change based on a user’s voice or music interaction. Customers can then save their unique brand displays.

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Using Wall Graphics to Promote Your Business Goals

Posted on Mon, Apr, 04, 2016

Using Wall Graphics to Promote Your Business GoalsCan you heighten your odds of professional success when you put business goals inside your office with wall graphics? The answer is a resounding yes. Blank, white walls with off-the-shelf corporate wall art are no longer the norm. Instead, business owners are discovering that consumers respond well to graphics, which challenge their perceptions of a brand, invite to interactions, and underline the advertising messages of secondary signage products. Examples abound.

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5 Ways to Make Your Vehicle Wraps Speak to Consumers

Posted on Wed, Mar, 30, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Vehicle Wraps Speak to CustomersWhen you invest in vehicle wraps, you give your car, truck, or van a voice. It strikes up an image-driven conversation with the consumer by revealing your company’s information, showing off your branding message, and underscoring advertising messages with attractive images that catch the eye. The latter point is the main reason for a wrap’s effectiveness.

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