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Construction Contractor Builds Brand with Toyota Tundra Truck Graphics!

Contractor pickup truck graphics South JerseyTruck graphics succeed because they can turn a company’s name into a household name. Tasks that contractors already undertake – driving to pick up supplies, going through a drive-through for lunch, or heading back to the shop – turn into mobile advertising and branding opportunities. Therefore, when Cedar Tree Construction sent us its representative with a 2006 Toyota Tundra pick-up truck, a consultation made it clear rather quickly that construction contractor truck graphics for South Jersey were the way to go.

Our Business Client Wanted Excellent Contractor Graphics

Cedar Tree Construction L.L.C. specializes in new construction projects that require all the early labor associated with getting a structure off the ground. That said, these professionals also work with homeowners who want to add on to their homes, remodel Landscape Contractor Truck Graphicskitchens, or redo one or more bathrooms. This type of work requires meticulous attention to detail as well as a thorough understanding of local codes and code changes. The business is committed to staying abreast of all such changes. As you might imagine, these professionals do a lot of traveling during a typical day on the job.

Facing the Challenge

The company’s 2006 Toyota Tundra full-size cab may be an older model, but it is a beefy vehicle that shows off some after-market parts. Moreover, it features a distinct dark silver paint color that makes it stand out in its own right. As a result, lettering and graphics would have to stand out even more, but they would have to do so without marring the great looks of the vehicle.

The Sunrise Solution Makes it Possible

Contractor Truck Graphic Design Proofs New Jersey

We designed graphics that feature brown, green and light gray colors. The light gray acts as a visual counterpoint to the darker silver. The green stands out beautifully, and the brown attracts the eye, which then naturally takes in the rest of the message. We used green outlines that we filled with brown to highlight the niche-specific information. For the company’s name, we used light gray outlines that work very well.

Contractor Truck Lettering South JerseyTo say that these truck graphics present the contractor with a unique look would be an understatement. It is already a well-known fact that 95 percent of polled consumers verify remembering vinyl graphics on vehicles. The graphics package put together for this contractor, combined with the after-market parts that already make the truck stand out from the crowd, result in an extremely memorable look. The initial proofs, which we presented to our client, offer a good look at the proposed graphics.

The Results are Clear

By selecting Toyota Tundra pick-up truck graphics for South Jersey, Cedar Tree Construction now succeeds in spreading the word about the company every day. Whether the vehicle is moving or parked in front of the shop, the graphics stand out and grab the eye of anyone seeing the vehicle. With the niche-specific information explaining what the company does, and by clearly displaying a contact phone number, it is easy for the consumer to get a hold of the company and discuss a potential project. Adding the contractor license number to the side of the vehicle enhances the professional appearance of the business. After all, how many contractors invite you to check out their licensing before you even discuss a job?

There is no doubt that the businesses made the right decision to enhance its name recognition and consumer brand awareness by adding graphics.

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