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Solar Power Company Fleet Vehicle Wrap Branding Case Study

Posted by Tara Nadolny on Jun 16, 2011 5:04:00 PM

solular vans


Solular’s primary marketing goal is education, both about their products and services, and their brand. The company wanted consistent, recognizable branding to spread awareness of their business throughout the reigon. According to Ken Long, marketing director of Solular Energy, the company’s goals for the vehicle wraps were less about getting the phone to ring, and more about creating a recognizable brand presence.


We wrapped a fleet of two vans and two pick up trucks for Solular. The wraps were modeled after Solular’s existing brochure to create a consistent look across their marketing materials. The wraps are a distinctive pale green color and incorporate Solular’s logo, name, and an easy to remember phone number. The wrap design is the same on both the trucks and the vans to create a feeling of brand consistency.


Marketing director, Ken Long is getting great feedback about his trucks being seen on the road and in the field. “Not a week goes by without someone saying, hey, I saw your truck or, hey I saw one your vans.” He elaborates, “They know exactly. Without even looking at the logo, they look at the wrap, they look at our brand, which is more than a logo, it’s a whole color scheme, and we get calls.”

Check out the video below to hear him discuss Solular's approach to vehicle branding in more detail. 


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