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A Monumental Business Monument Sign for Pathfinder LLC

This week we’ll be taking a look at a monumentally nice outdoor sign project we did for Pathfinder LLC: a monument sign!


About the Company

Pathfinder LLC was founded in 1975 and specializes in project management and consulting services for various industries across the globe.  Their complete independence from any owner, political, or contracting entities allows them to provide unbiased consultative insights for companies through planning, estimating, contracting, and execution phases.  Headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. Pathfinder has since expanded to include offices in Houston, TX and Calgary, Alberta.  


About the Sign

Pathfinder LLC approached us looking for a new sign for their corporate headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Their old sign had seen much, much, better days and wasn't reflecting the kind of business that Pathfinder was.  Being their main office, they wanted a clean, professional sign that would make a strong impression to their many visitors and employees.  They called Sunrise Signs and we made it happen.

 ...the old sign

photo 1 (2).jpg

For this project we recommended a corporate monument sign.  Typically features of a monument sign include a freestanding base along with various sign elements like logos, text, or building information.  We had our design team work closely with their marketing department to create the layout you see here.

 ...the new monument sign design


For this particular job we used an expanded polystyrene base, sprayed with a hardcoat plastic coating to add additional durability.  Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a strong-yet-lightweight material which is perfect for different sign applications.  It can be routed, carved, and shaped, which makes EPS a very versatile material - as you’ll soon see.

...much better looking now!


The entire “brick” base of this sign is still EPS, but has been routed and sprayed with a stucco finish to emulate the look, feel, and texture of brick.  But unlike regular bricks, it’s way lighter, doesn’t need to be grouted every couple of years, and can be cleaned with a simple solution - no power washing necessary.  We added our special Sunrise Touch to the foundation by color matching the color and texture of the EPS to replicate the real brick used in their headquarters.

On top of the base, we routed their name out of the EPS to add dimension to the lettering and a nice “pop” off the backing.  We added their logo to the left, mounted on a smooth substrate which was then puzzle-fit directly into the sign’s frontage.  Every painted element of the sign was color matched to correspond with the specific PMS values of Pathfinder’s branding.


Lastly, we partnered with a local electrical company to have them install ground lighting to illuminate the sign at night.  No matter what time of day, there’s no missing this sharp monument!

Let us know how we can help you with your next branding and signage project.  Have any questions? Curious to know more about what we do?  Give us a call or fill out a consultation request - we’re always happy to chat!

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