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How Fleet Vehicle Wrap Branding Helped Grow a Startup 10x in a Crowded Market

South Jersey Logo Design

The Company

Approved Contractors Inc., was a new startup business that specialized in fixing roofing, siding, gutters, windows, doors, etc. that have been damaged by hail.

Being a startup home services company, they knew that they needed to make a big impact when entering the market. They wanted a logo to represent their business and professional, eye-catching vehicle wraps for their fleet of home service trucks. They chose Sunrise Signs to help them design their new logo and get their vehicle fleet wrapped.

The Design Process

Since Approved Contractors needed us to design both their logo and their vehicle wraps, our designers had a clean slate to create their branding. The process began with a logo design consultation where we worked with the customer to determine the colors, materials, and elements important to them as a company. From there we went through several rounds of logo creation and revisions together to finally develop their new logo for their brand.

Side Note: Logos designed by Sunrise Signs are typically in a vector format, which allows the logo to be endlessly resized and adjusted without losing any visual quality.  This allows our clients to use their logos for a wide variety of different purposes, besides just vehicle wraps.  Sunrise Signs designed logos can be used for business cards, websites, t-shirts, signage, or any other medium where you need to place your logo!

Home Service Contractor Logo Designs

Philadelphia Contractor Logo Design

New logo is ready for business


The Vehicles

After creating Approved Contractor’s new logo, we moved on to their vehicle wrap design. They wanted something that would eye catching, exciting, and allow their new fleet of trucks to be recognized wherever they went. Our designers used the high contrast of white and black for the rainstorm and lightning that commanded the background of the design. The overlaying messaging was done in black, white, and red to “pop” against the rainstorm background. We then used a full wrap on their trucks – roof, hood, sides, tailgate… everything. We even maximized the amount visual real estate on their trucks by using a perforated window vinyl film for the side and rear windows, so every inch of their vehicles was working for them to create a strong impression.

Side Note: Even though the design used many visual elements, all the essential marketing information of the company were easily read on the wrap. This way we were able to get the most out of the full vehicle wraps on their trucks. While it's important to get the public's attention – it's even more important to deliver your message!


Home Service Contractor Vehicle Wrap Design

First you get the logo, then you get the wraps, then you get the business!



Fleet branding generates the most impressions per dollar spent because the trucks, vans, and cars that your business already uses serve as moving billboards. In other words, advertising with a vehicle wrap gets your business noticed everywhere – on the road, in parking lots, and in the driveway of a service call. Approved Contractors is a perfect example of how successful fleet branding can be. We initially wrapped four trucks for Approved Contractors and they’ve since increased their fleet to 10 with plans to add even more!

South Jersey Nissan Titan Truck Wraps

Perforated vinyl for the side windows lets us get the most out of every inch!

New Jersey Contractor Fleet Wraps

Roof and hood...wrapped and ready to go!

Chevy Silverado Vehicle Wraps South Jersey

The only thing we didn't wrap was the rims! 


South Jersey Pickup Truck Fleet Wraps


Jersey Vehicle Fleet Branding

Amazing wraps are our business.  Happy customers are our passion.


What The Customer Is Saying

"Great Company from start to finish. We here at Approved Contractors Inc, are extremely happy with the service provided by Sunrise Signs. We have had multiple trucks wrapped and more to come, they were done professionally and quickly."


Are You Ready?

Are you a new business ready to make a splash in the market? Do you already have a company fleet, but just aren't getting the exposure you deserve? Give us a call today and let's have a conversation about how we can bring your fleet branding to where it needs to be.


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