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National Car Dealer Leverages Big Branding as a Highly Effective Recruitment Tool

South Jersey Pickup Truck Wrap

Bold, clean, full vehicle wrap on a GMC Sierra pickup truck

The Challenge

Carvana was looking to recruit new technicians for their automotive and fleet positions around the Philadelphia area.  Knowing the stiff challenges presented by their competitors, Carvana realized that they would have to rely on strong branding and advertising in order to draw qualified technicians towards their business.  To do this they decided to harness the power of vehicle wraps and internal branding, so they reached out to Sunrise Signs in order to make it happen!

The Company

Carvana Logo

Carvana is an online-only, used car retailer and technology company.  They’ve been rapidly expanding across the United States and put an emphasis on a hassle free, used car buying experience. When a customer orders a vehicle through Carvana, they can have their new car either delivered directly to their doorstep or pick it up at one of the company’s unique car vending machines located across the United States.

The Solution - Full GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Wrap

Carvana’s goal was to help expand their brand awareness among Philadelphia automotive technical schools and training facilities in order to attract the best candidates to work for their business.  To do this they would literally need to put rubber to the road and visit local schools, trade shows, and automotive events.  They knew they'd need to make a big impression at these places, so they wanted to create an impactful, full truck wrap that would help them engage with local technicians and capture their attention.    

New Jersey Vehicle Wrap Design

The truck wrap design was built around a bold blue base featuring high resolution imagery 

The project started with an initial design consultation where Carvana reviewed the goals and challenges they faced while trying to increase their brand exposure.  Working together with our design team, we drafted a clean, eye-catching vehicle wrap design that would help them engage with local technicians at schools and trade events.  The design is build around a clean presentation that features bold colors, calls to action, and high resolution images. 

South Jersey Automotive Wrap

Perforated window vinyl allows the car elevator image to fill the entire side of the truck

"The key focal element for this wrap design was Carvana’s signature “car vending machine”.  We know these buildings are the company’s most unique brand identifier, so it was essential that we used it as the prominent branding feature of the wrap."

Philadelphia Car Dealer Graphics

Absolute, full wrap - from the roof to down the running boards.  Don't forget the GMC logo!

Carvana knew they wanted to get the most impact for their vehicle branding investment, so they decided early on that a full truck wrap was the best way to go.  Their GMC Sierra pickup was completely transformed, with vinyl covering everything from the tailgate all the way to the roof. Speciality one-way perforated vinyl was used on the rear windows to allow the driver to see from the inside, while still allowing full color digital printing on the outside.

Pickup Truck Vehicle Wrap Branding

Yellow accent stripes run the length of the truck body adding a continuous secondary branding mark

The Solution - Internal Branding Wall Wrap

After we completed the full wrap on their GMC Sierra pickup truck, Carvana was over the moon.  No surprise - their truck wrap was putting in some work! They were getting more applications for their fleet and technical services, increasing their brand exposure, and successfully engaging with their target audience.  Not wanting to slow down their marketing activities, they came to us with a new project - a full wall wrap design at a local automotive technical institute. 

South Jersey Wall Mural

Distinctive branding and core values make up Carvana's wall mural

The goal for this next project was to design an engaging wall wrap mural that would be installed in a local Philadelphia / New Jersey technical institute.  This would expose automotive tech students to the Carvana brand and educate them on the values of the company. So once again we got down in the design trenches and created an engaging wall wrap mural that would act as a showcase of effective internal branding. 

The design featured Carvana’s brand identifying car vending machine and their six core values that define them as a company.  As the technical students make their way between classes, they're now reminded of the Carvana brand and what the company stands for.  

Philadelphia Wall Mural Branding

Big walls are made for big branding opportunities

The wall mural was digitally printed on a high grade, durable, wall adhesive vinyl.  This special use vinyl is made specifically for abrasive surface installations like brick and concrete.  Our certified vinyl installer precisely laid and conformed the material to the intricate grooves and nuances of the technical schools concrete wall.  Take a look at the picture and see the detailed craftsmanship that went into this stunning installation!

New Jersey Wall Graphics and Murals

Quality vinyl makes the difference - this special use vinyl conforms to the toughest of surfaces


What's Your Branding Goal?

Effective branding never sleeps!  As Carvana continues to grow and expand, we’ll be there right alongside them helping them execute and create effective vehicle and internal branding solutions.  But what about your business? Are you ready to grow your market and increase your brand exposure? Ready to wow your customers and start making a statement? Click the link below to schedule a free branding consultation and learn how we can help grow your brand and increase your business.


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