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Bold Credit Union Branding: Full Wrap of Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

South Jersey Pickup Truck Wraps

Bold, clean, eye catching complete truck wrap

The Challenge

BHCU approached us looking for a way to help drive more business to their location and increase their local brand recognition. Knowing the power and effectiveness of vehicle wrap advertising, they knew they wanted a full wrap on their Dodge Ram 1500 that would catch the eye of their customers.  This would serve as branding showpiece and drive their local engagement efforts in Delaware County.  Helping businesses grow and expand their message is what we’re all about at Sunrise Signs, so we were ready to get to work!

The Company

BHCU is a non-profit credit union specializing in exclusively serving the residents of Delaware County.  Initially founded to support the employees and families working at a local Boeing factory, BHCU has since grown to expand their services to accommodate all of Delaware County as a community based credit union.  They maintain an unwavering commitment to help their members save, offer excellent rates and dividends, fair fees, and expert service.  

South Jersey Vehicle Wraps

 Strong brand colors and a prominent logo create a strong brand presence

The Design

BHCU knew the key business objectives they wanted to achieve with their truck wrap design.  A bold layout that would separate them from the competition, clean artwork, messaging that wasn’t too busy, logos as large as possible, and their brand colors of purple and green incorporated to build strong local brand recognition.  To make a that statement, we agreed that a full truck wrap would be able to provide the unparalleled branding experience that BHCU was looking for. With these objectives defined, we worked directly together to draft a compelling design that achieved BHCU's goals and created an excellent template to grow and expand their vehicle wrap advertising program.

Philadelphia Vehicle Wrap Design

Complete coverage from ground to roof make this a sight from any angle


A prominent logo was one of the most important objectives for the BHCU wrap.  To make sure it couldn’t be missed, we placed it between the truck doors to provide the most visual real estate on the wrap.  The white background outlined with a lime green dot fade add a sharp contrast to create a definite focal point that leads directly to the BHCU logo.  

South Jersey Truck Branding

“By adding a white halftone fade emanating from the logo and using that to split the colors down the middle of the vehicle, we were able to make the BHCU logo demand the attention of anyone who sees it.”


For the body we used BHCU’s deep purple brand color as a base, adding in a subtle “dollar bill” vector pattern to the tailgate and bed.  Little touches like these add depth and warmth to a wrap design, giving customers a more engaging experience when engaging the wrap.  Additionally perforated window vinyl was applied to the rear and side windows, which creates more opportunities for branding while still letting drivers safely see behind them.

Delaware Vehicle Wraps

Perforated vinyl on the rear window allows for a seamless transition between wrap elements

BHCU services were kept simple and informative.  The design goals for the truck were all about maximum impression and recondition, which means billboard rules apply with additional business services and information.  Here we help introduce and inform customers about BHCU's iSAVE program.

New Jersey Vehicle Fleet Branding

"A subtle money pattern adds unobtrusive depth to the bed and tailgate wrap"


Let’s Wrap It Up

Like what you see?  Ready to take your fleet branding and advertising to the next level?  Click the link below to request a free consultation. We’ll discuss the branding goals and objectives of your company and develop a custom advertising strategy that will put your fleet of vehicles in the forefront of your customers and local community. 

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