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Training Room Graphics and Wall Murals for Construction Company Shine in North Jersey

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Custom interior signs for businesses in North Jersey are quickly catching on as successful branding tools. Aimed at clients, customers and employees, these products run the gamut from wall murals to dimensional letters.

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When Moretrench approached us with an idea of upgrading the interior walls of its construction company, we set up a client consultation to discuss the details.

Moretrench Needed a Training Room Makeover

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Located at 100 Stickle Avenue in Rockaway, NJ, Moretrench is an employee-owned company that started as a sewer contracting business in 1885. Over the decades, the company added new underground construction services, moved to Rockaway and changed the ownership model of its business. Services now include the construction of deep foundations, environmental remediation, earth retention and industrial development. The spirit of innovation drives everything this company achieves. Keeping the spirit alive is the job of the training department.

Facing the Challenge: An Uninspired (and uninspiring) Training Room

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Doubling as a corporate meeting room, the employee training space was drab. It lacked the pizzazz that the company’s innovative designs and groundbreaking engineering breakthroughs embraced. At first, our client believed that the fix could be something as simple as the addition of some dimensional letters.

Interior Dimensional Letters for Corporations in South Jersey

We discussed the product choice with the customer to find out more about the branding and company history. Before long, it became apparent to everyone in the room that there would only be one way to dress up a space in such a way that it would bespeak the heart of Moretrench’s pioneering solutions.

Wall Graphics and Murals for North Jersey Construction Business: The Sunrise Solution

South Jersey Corporate Wall Murals

We incorporated images from the firm’s long and well-documented past into a wall mural that became the centerpiece of the training room. It turned the space into a showpiece that presents the values and the history of the company to trainees and those arriving at the venue for a meeting.

Corporate Wall Murals with Dimensional Letters

Featuring a variety of blue tones and the company’s name and logo in the middle, the left shows a motto while the right outlines the attributes of the employees that made this business what it is today. We incorporated a 3D look with the lettering by using PVC letters, which we affixed to the top of the mural.

Wall Logo Signs for Corporations South Jersey

While we were working on this project, we also tackled other items for the business. For example, we created a Moretrench Canada logo from PVC letters that we attached to a painted wooden backing panel.

Wall Graphics and Corporate Logo Wall Signs

Adding a blue vinyl strip to the room ties together the look. During the project, the company’s management team asked us to move acrylic letters they already had into the boardroom. We also placed a Moretrench sign on a white wall. The product looks exactly like the one that we put up on the mural, but we placed it in another location.

Wall Murals for Training Rooms

The client loved the way that this project came together and changed the look and feel of the space. They were impressed with the fact that the finished product looked and followed the images initially portrayed on the proof that we provided. In addition, the management team was amazed at the change in atmosphere that the signage solutions brought to the training room. Looking forward, we will continue our working relationship with this client. At this time, we intend to install faux rock lettering in the company’s boardroom very soon.

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