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5 Modern Corporate Culture Signage Ideas That Will Proudly Stand Out

Corporate culture is the new buzzword for all workplaces. But what is it? Entrepreneur Magazine says of this new hot topic, “Whether written as a mission statement, spoken or merely understood, corporate culture describes and governs the ways a company’s owners and employees think, feel and act.” So it’s your brand, your work environment, and leadership style, but it’s also how your employees, think, feel and act while at the workplace. It needs to be nurtured much like your clients do.

In most cases, however, the easiest (and most affordable) way to portray a culture that is encouraging and enjoyable is via visual tools.

1. Wall Murals

Corporate Culture Wall Murals

Vinyl wall murals inspire and make a workplace comfortable. They can also do much more. Your mission or vision of the company can be embedded into a wall mural that subconsciously encourages employees (and owners) to stick to those values. Adding imagery to your “words” becomes a visual that makes your corporate spaces what you want them to be. Whether your workspaces are relaxing, calm, inspirational or retail-dedicated, wall murals boost morale and creativity.

2. Wall Graphics

Corporate Culture Wall Graphics

Ever make an infographic with Wordle? Maybe it was for a blog post, article or PowerPoint presentation. Imagine if a group of words and images made of vinyl were placed on your office walls that clearly embraced your workplace culture. Graphics can also be your vision or mission or they can be used in other ways. A relaxing environment for your break room or those that are stimulating for your lobby or reception area—or corporate colored graphics and text that blend with your ideals and goals.

3. Dimensional Letters & Logos

Using Dimensional Letters for Corporate Culture

The blank white walls of open-space work environments are no longer the way to boost your culture. In fact, they're a turn-off. Dimensional letters and logos made of PVC, acrylic, wood or metal, however, are recommended by experts in the field. Imagine these letters placed above a “wish board.” Or, used to direct, inform or educate. The uses for these visuals are endless and can increase workplace standards and boost imagination.

4. Architectural Displays

Architectural Displays for Workplace Culture

The culture of your offices or business also means showing who you are and what you do to clients—or the newbie employee. Architectural displays such as the cable wall display seen above shout about your business in a visual way. Displays promoting visuals, text and graphics are seen and interpreted quickly, making it a breeze to set the tone.

5. Stand-Off Mounted Acrylic Prints

Stand-Off Mounted Acrylic Prints for the Workplace

Imagine your interior walls as walkways full of your culture. What your business is all about, clients you’ve worked with, successful projects or words that inspire? Easily mounted to walls, these stand-offs can display anything you want to convey or announce—or to encourage and invite.

Why Visuals?

The Harvard Business Review says workplace culture contains six elements:  Vision, values, practices, people, narratives, and a place. How you present these no longer have to be in a project and procedure manual, portfolio binder or an employee handbook.

Opting for any or all of these visuals will touch on these six elements. They can display your vision, values and practices. They can be “people” or employee/client graphics that encourage or solve a problem. They can tell your story using graphic narratives. Above all, they can make your work “place” the all-inspiring, motivating and exciting place you, your staff and your clients will enjoy.

Ready to Improve Your Corporate Culture?

Entreprenuer Magazine - "Corporate Culture"
Image credits, Huffington Post / Vinyl Impression / Sign Design Systems / Sign Express UK


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