Feeling Blue? Seeing Red? Tips To Using Color in Corporate Logo Signs South Jersey and Philadelphia

When it comes to Custom Signs and Corporate Logo Signs in Philadelphia, South Jersey, from the shore to the Poconos, it's critical to understand the power of color. 

Color can evoke a mood, or entice us to buy.  Color can create a level of comfort, of happiness, of warmth or of relaxation.  Even shades of the same color can have different meaning.  Logo signs Philadelphia and signs South Jersey should be designed with the emotional impact of color taken into consideration.  

Unlike other areas of the nation, for corporate logo signs, NJ may feel different about Phillies red.  For corporate logo signs South Jersey and Philadelphia would react differently to Eagles green than other areas of the country.

When it comes to designing corporate logo signs for Philadelphia or South Jersey, the choice of color in the design is critical.  

Download our eBook, the Psychology of Color in Corporate Logo Signs to learn:

  1. Which color defines your company logo signs as forward thinking and progressive?
  2. What color you absolutely should avoid in your business signs in South Jersey?
  3. What colors can be used harmoniously for business signs and which will clash?
  4. How to design your corporate logo sign using colors that will match your corporate style.

If your image is important to your company, you definitely want to download this free eBook/tutorial on the psychology of color.