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How to Dress Up a Corporate Training Room with Company Culture Graphics

Employee engagement means a lot in today’s workforce. Part of this engagement entails what your staff wants most—training. If you can dedicate a space for a corporate training room, good for you; that's a step toward success. But how do you go about creating the perfect room that includes company culture graphics?

Start with Corporate Colors

Dress up a training room with company culture graphics

We bet most of the training rooms at Google use the primary colors of their logo. You too should do the same. Blending your colors into your onsite training room will mesh with employee's existing work environment. Subconsciously, this effect ensures it’s a professional space.

Using colors, paint or graphics that have nothing to do with your company doesn’t make sense and might confuse the reason for the room itself. You're also keeping your brand alive from within by using selective colors.

Space Planning

Corporate culture space planning

In your initial stages of planning your training room, you’ll need to decide on the amount of space you’ll need that will be able to comfortably hold:

  • Seating
  • Electronics / whiteboards / presentation materials
  • Tables
  • Leadership area
  • Coffee / snack bar

Other things to consider are storage spaces, where your electrical outlets are located and what’s the best vantage point for the speaker or trainer? The room should also be set so if someone arrives late, they can go directly to a seat without causing a stir. That means paying attention to the entrances and exits. Lastly your training center should be close to restrooms.

Graphic Design Ideas

Corporate culture graphic design ideas

You need inspirational and motivational graphics inside your room. One way you can come up with the right ideas is to set up a team with a facilitator to help determine how the room should look or feel. Or, HR experts recommend adding the following:

  • Wall Murals
  • Wall Graphics
  • Dimensional Letters and Logos
  • Architectural Displays
  • Stand-off Mounted Acrylic Prints

Learn more about all of these graphic design ideas from our post on corporate culture signage ideas. The most important thing to remember is you want to convey your values, mission, brand and ideals of the corporation. 

Implement Ideas

Business Training Room Corporate Culture Graphics

Once your ideas are set, turn again to your design team to help ensure the installation of furniture, equipment and company culture graphics are timely. It’s essential the room offers what you want to accomplish and for each company, the appearance, shape and design of the room will be different. One business may look at a fun, relaxing room, where another is looking for a stark professional feel.

Why Is This So Important?

Do an Internet search “employee engagement” and you’ll find tons of articles, blog posts and whitepapers on the topic. One we liked from the Harvard Business Review, "The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance,” revealed the following graphic:

Why employees want corporate culture employee engagement

One can clearly see that 70 percent of employees want training so they gain a better understanding of their job strategy. That means education and these days, in-house training, using mentors, leaders in the industry and speaker engagements is becoming more popular than off-site training.

A happy staff in any organization is one where they feel they are part of the team. They’re part of the goals, strategies and plans for the present and the future. The one mistake you don’t want to make is having a training room that is void of visuals of encouragement—and we can help with that.

Learn How We Can Help with  Corporate Culture Graphics  

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Palmerston/Australia / KPRS Inc. / Lingo Docs / Regional Best Practices

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