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Inspiring Wall Murals for Apartment Fitness Centers in Newark, Delaware

Wall Graphics for Apartment Fitness Centers in Newark NJ

The fitness center is a favorite amenity for Newark apartment buildings. Its availability makes membership at an expensive gym unnecessary and fosters good neighborly relationships. Case in point is the University Courtyard Apartment complex. The management company overseeing the building ensures that the amenities appeal to the contemporary renter. Part and parcel of making amenities such as fitness rooms attractive is the use of creative wall coverings.

Rising to the Challenge: Turning an Enclosed Setting into a Room with a View

Featuring stylish, state-of-the-art elliptical machines, Matrix treadmills, and other equipment, space is limited in the facility. To present the resident taking advantage of this amenity with an attractive look and feel, the apartment building’s management team liked the idea of a beach view. It also wanted to continue the ocean feel in the hallway.

Wall Murals for Apartment Fitness Centers in Newark, DE: A Sunrise Solution

Design Proofs for Wall Murals in Newark NJ

Wall Wrap Design Proofs for Fitness Centers in Newark NJ

It would have been easy to display an ocean vista on the focal wall of the fitness room and then install a complementary colored wall wrap on the other three sides of the studio. But this is not the Sunrise way. Instead, we took an image of a wide-angle shot featuring a beach at sunset.

Wall Murals for Apartment Gyms in Newark NJ

We broke up the image into four meticulously measured panels that fit on each of the walls. Allowing for window cutouts and door openings, the room now displays with a harmonious look that places the user of the gym in the middle of the beach scene. Matching seams continue this illusion. The gradient color changes, too, heighten the look and feel of an ocean setting.

Wall Wraps for Fitness Centers in Newark NJ

For the hallway, we chose to go a different route. Since it leads directly to the gym, which is clearly visible through a glass panel door, it made more sense to use a different water themed appearance. We opted for an image featuring a water drop speckled blue backdrop that also displays the apartment building’s name and logo. When you look closely, you see the illusion of sunlight reflecting from the bottom of shallow water in the blue backdrop. Combined with the illumination from above, which also casts reflection onto the walls, the hallways looks refreshing, inspiring, and puts you in the mood to work out.

Presenting an Attractive Facility

Wall Graphics for Exercise Rooms in Newark NJ

Our installers expertly mounted the murals onto the facility’s walls. Each seam matches perfectly; there is not an air bubble in sight. The material is durable, which lets the management company get plenty of use out of it. It is also a snap to clean, which makes sense in a setting that sees plenty of use.

Wall Wraps for Apartment Complex Fitness Centers in Newark NJ

Selecting the right wall murals for apartment gyms in Newark, DE, was a collaborative effort with our client. While the team brought the ideas to the table, our graphic artists translated them into tangible proofs that made it easy to envision the finished product displayed on the walls.

Wall Murals for Apartment complex gyms in Newark NJ

If you have been thinking about dressing up an apartment building lobby, gym, clubhouse, or other amenities, discuss your plans with our experts. We can work with you to put together a mural display, graphics package, or combination of lettering and graphics to fit in with the overall demographic to which you cater. Add your corporate branding message to heighten product awareness not only among current tenants but also with their guests. Contact us today to request your free quote!

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