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Ford Transit Connect Van Wraps for Beverage Co in Burlington County NJ!

Ford Transit Van Wraps South JerseyBecause drinking aloe beverages is trendy – in fact, it’s predicted to soar to the top of the charts as this season’s hottest health drink - it’s easy for a company to get lost in the media glut of marketing pushes and promotions for aloe drinks. Cira Beverage’s specialty beverage - Cira Aloe Original - is gluten, fat, and preservative free and made from real aloe pulp, not from concentrate. But since the aloe beverage market is highly competitively, they were puzzled about how to brand their product, boost sales, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our Client Needed Ford Transit Connect Van Wraps

Cira Beverage wanted to attract their target demographic in a fun, unique way as well highlight the difference between their aloe products and others in the market. The challenge for them was designing a marketing vehicle to grow their market share, to plow through the media buzz, and to convey their simple message: Drinking aloe is a natural hydrating experience. Fortunately, a quick search for Ford Transit Connect van wraps for Burlington County led them straight to us.

The Challenge

Beverage Company Promotional Van WrapsCira had two distinct messages for their target audience:

  1. The difference in aloe products is the taste; some taste better than others do; Cira tastes best!
  2. If you want to stay sharp and focused all day long, drinking aloe is the way to go.

Since the marketing messages would be featured on vans, the graphics needed to be high impact to attract the most attention, but the printed messages needed to be short and easily assimilated in seconds. Products sales are online only, so the website information needed to be prominently displayed and easy to remember. In short, they needed eye-grabbing, brand-building attention!

The Sunrise Solution

Ford Transit Connect Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs NJ

Transit Connect Vehicle Wraps Design Proofs NJ

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs South Jersey

We recommended Cira go with a premium vinyl vehicle wrap. These adhesive vinyl wraps are durable and long-lasting but can be easily changed to convey a new message without causing any damage to the vehicle, making then excellent for promotional vehicle wraps. Our experience has shown us that van wraps are an effective way to increase name recognition and increase sales, so we felt comfortable recommending this solution to them.

The Results

Ford Transit Connect Van Wraps Burlington County NJWe started by dressing the van in an abstract patterned vinyl – featuring tones of purple, black and neon green – and accented with large format graphics of the beverage containers on the sides and back. The multi-toned background was the perfect foil for the beverage containers and evocated a similar feel and tone as their website. To show the beverage graphics off to best advantage, we slanted the graphics slightly. 

We displayed their logo prominently on the hood and side panels with the slogan “It’s in the taste.” An additional slogan, “Stay sharp, drink Cira,” was added to the side panels and rear.  We kept the lettering font clean and crisp to make it highly visible and easily read. We finished up by displaying the information for both their websites on the sides and rear of the van.

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Here’s a closer look at these handsome graphics for their Ford Transit Connect van:

Ford Transit Connect Van Wraps Palmyra NJ

Van Wraps South Jersey


South Jersey Transit Connect Van Wraps

Burlington County Van Wraps



Vehicle Wraps Burlington County NJ

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