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Using Wall Graphics and Murals in Your Corporate Fitness Center

Today’s corporations are offering more than just break rooms. They now have comfort areas, childcare centers and fitness centers. While offering your employees a place to work out right inside your building is an awesome idea, brightening the space is more amazing using wall graphics and murals.

Motivating from the Wall

Wall Graphics for Corporate Fitness Centers


While the goal of the employee may be all about staying in shape, the wall graphics above inspire something else. It motivates them to be the best they can be in all areas of life, including what they do at the office. The black "I Wants" lead the eyes directly to the bottom where they'll see "What's Your Goal?," and that can even be a business goal.

Keeping the Brand Forefront

Wall Murals for Corporate Fitness Centers


The above wall mural is a great way of leading staff to the fitness center, but it also offers a chance for employees to view the corporate brand. They may be on their way to train but the last thing they see is your product. Our minds do remember the last visuals we see so while they're working out, they'll think about their next steps on their workplace to-do list.

Mixed Materials

How to make your corporate fitness center motivational


Here, we see a room with not just vinyl wall graphics but other elements as well. There are shelves, colorful wallpaper and even a flatscreen TV to keep them focused. Imagine that TV with great exercise routines along with snippets of your vision, mission or corporate values here and there. Now this is a motivational corporate fitness center at its best!

Keeping Values Visual

How to put your mission inside your corporate fitness center


These frosted vinyl graphics on the exterior of this fitness center remind your employees what your corporation stands for. As the staff walks to the entrance of this work out area, they are repeatedly reminded of your mission. Frosted vinyl graphics also offer the privacy a fitness center demands.

"Elevating" Success

Fitness center elevator graphics


More than not, your staff will find the fitness center on another level inside your building. They could take the stairs but you also have an opportunity to inspire them on elevator doors. Even if these vinyl graphics are not inside the work out arena, they certainly offer something inspirational. In the above example, imagine if your brand or corporate logos were also included? Again, the last visuals they see do stick in their minds.

Improving Your Area

It's time to say goodbye to the plain gym-style corporate fitness center and instead, invite your staff in. Vinyl wall graphics and murals do this in an attractive, affordable and innovative way.

Ready to transform your fitness center?

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