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4 Must-Read Design Tips for Vinyl Wall Graphics and Murals!

4 Must Read Design Tips for Wall Graphics and Wall MuralsAre you thinking of turning your fantastic vacation pictures into wall murals for the office? Are you inspired by the recent seminar you attended and intend to spell out some of the things you learned as wall letters with some graphics? Stop! Although your intentions are good, your execution might be lacking. Of course, if you follow our four must-read tips for wall graphics and murals, you cannot help but create winning displays. We like to call them the “why, what, where, and how” of image selection and presentation.

1. Why Do You Want to Display This Image (and not that one)?

4 Tips for Designing Wall Graphics and Murals

What is it about this image that makes you think it is ideal for your office?

  • Fits the mission statement. If your mission statement includes imagery that reminds of water, it makes sense to create a whole-wall mural display featuring an ocean. In contrast, a mountain picture would not be suitable.
  • Augments the tagline. Choose a graphic that echoes your jingle or slogan.
  • Calls onlooker to action. Whether it is your workforce, visiting investors, or clients, the graphics display should feature a clear call to action. An investment firm office’s wall displays should encourage those visiting to open accounts and put money to work. For a company dedicated to environmental protection, the images chosen must communicate an urgency to protect natural resources.

2. What Makes the Display Relevant Today?

Corporate Wall Graphics and Wall Murals

Featuring an intricate graphic of your blue widget’s makeup is relevant when you are indeed in the business of manufacturing them. But when you discontinue the line of blue widgets and instead focus on green and yellow ones, the display is outdated and irrelevant to your business. Make a mistake here, and prospective clients who are visiting your office either get confused or wonder what else about your business might be outdated.

3. Where Should You Place Wall Graphics and Murals?

Corporate Wall Displays Using Graphics

If your targeted audience for the presentation is your workforce, these products fit in well with the break and training room atmospheres. For the image that calls clients to action, consider the lobby or conference room as your ideal display location. A progressive mural that tells your company’s history in pictures and text is suitable for all audiences, and a hallway presentation is perfect.

4. How Does the Graphics Display Appeal to the Target Demographic?

Wall Murals and Graphics for Employee Training Rooms

It is at this juncture that the text portion comes in. How much text is too much?

  • Brevity. If you have to write a lengthy call to action, your image misses the point. On the other hand, if a one to three-word line perfectly encapsulates what you are trying to get across, you have chosen the perfect photo.
  • Without jargon. Nothing kills your presentation quicker than insider lingo. Unless you are specifically targeting industry insiders with your image, keep the wording understandable for everyone.
  • Relatable. You know that you have been successful in your word choice when the combination of the graphic and lettering causes folks to respond with, “me too!”

Making Sure that You Hit All the Right Notes

Work with our expert graphic artists to put together your display of wall graphics and murals. Our sign specialists help you to select images that underscore your marketing and branding messages. Also, they gladly assist with the choice of the lettering component. Of course, you are always in full control of the look and feel that your graphics presentation displays. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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