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H2O Mechanical Adds Ford Transit Connect Van Wraps in Blackwood NJ

Advertising a contracting business with vehicle wraps is a tried and true marketing tool. Consider the amount of time these professionals spend driving. They head out to appointments, stop by suppliers, grab a bite to eat, and sometimes pick up crew members. By adding a wrap or graphics package, the vehicle becomes a visible extension of the company’s advertising message.

Ford Transit Connect Van Wraps and Graphics NJ

But unlike stationary forms of marketing, the vehicle is very much in motion. With routes determined by the firm’s needs and client base, the use of a graphics package or wrap lets you heighten awareness of your business within your current service territory while introducing yourself to a new demographic when you have an eye on expanding it. Thus, when the management team at H2O Mechanical contacted us to discuss the details of a mobile marketing package for the company van, we were ready to go.

Putting Together Persuasive Ford Transit Connect Van Graphics in Blackwood, NJ

Vehicle Graphic Design Proofs for Ford Transit Connect Vans NJ

The pros at H2O Mechanical pride themselves on always being open for business. Superior accessibility makes them a much sought after expert in the field. A quick call dispatches a van staffed with professionals that handle clients’ plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. Since the business tackles three different types of contracting jobs, the management team wanted us to find a way to avoid cluttering the van with varying images. At the same time, it needed the large white vehicle to stand out from competitors’ conveyances.

Meeting the Challenge Head On

Transit Connect Van Graphics in Blackwood NJ

The company’s Ford Transit Connect van features tall sides and a back to match. It is ideally suited for the company’s logo and lettering combination. We placed this identifying graphic on the upper third of the van to make the information easy to read in the midst of traffic. Doing so gives the business the advantage over other vans that features a middle display of the name. When waiting in traffic, the latter is easily obscured by cars pulling up next to the van; the upper third look, however, is easy to read even with cars waiting right next to the vehicle.

Blackwood NJ Ford Transit Connect Van Graphics

Next, we spelled out a niche explanation for the business and provided two contact phone numbers. To enhance the consumer’s understanding of the company’s work, we added a water pipe graphic. Generating more trust in the customer is possible with the display of the license number. By placing this information on the passenger and driver’s side doors, any prospective client can verify the contractor’s good standing with the licensing board. We repeated the name and logo display on the van’s hood. The resulting van wrap is clean and neat looking. There is no visual clutter, which makes the company’s name stand out.

No Need to Guess about the Outcome

Plumbing Contractor Van Wraps in Blackwood NJ

The presentation of these plumbing contractor van graphics in Blackwood, NJ, makes an excellent impression on consumers. The clean lines, three-color palette and inventive image presentation combine to communicate H2O Mechanical’s marketing message. When you look closely, you also see that we used parallel line setups as much as possible. Doing so let us take advantage of the vehicle’s style elements, too.

If we have inspired you to envision your business’ brand display on the sides of your work truck, car, van, or any other type of vehicle, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists. Contact us today to request your free quote!

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