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Van Decals and Graphics: Ideas for Branding Your Business

van decals and graphicsWhen trying to brand your company and get your name out there, one of the best tools you have is your fleet of work vehicles. Truck and van decals and graphics are an excellent tool to assure you are recognized within your local service area. However, figuring out what to include in your design can be a tough call.

Keep it simple. Too many words and really intricate designs are distracting. Passing cars only have a moment to view the sign, so make every inch of your van decals and graphics count. Design them in a way that is aesthetically appealing while keeping a minimalistic approach.

Don’t get wordy; no one has time to read a book as they pass your fleet vehicles on the highway. Instead, include the pertinent information. Have your company name and phone number displayed prominently so it’s easy to read from a distance or at a high speed. Your van decals and graphics should also display your company logo, one of the most recognizable pieces in the minds of a consumer. It will equate your business with your name.

In this day and age, passers-by may not save your phone number, but they will look you up on the internet. It can be crucial to include your website address in the truck and van decals and graphics so that they can easily find you. After all, numbers are on speed dial, but URLs are often memorable in a consumer’s mind.

A tagline will give them something catchy to remember you by. The average person can skip over commercials, so they don’t remember jingles, but a catch phrase can stick in their head like superglue. Make sure your van decals and graphics include your tagline. You may want to bullet point a few of your services. Names can be misleading, even if they seem straightforward. Including two or three of your standard services will negate this as an issue.

Your fleet can be your best bet in advertising to the public, through van decals and graphics that give a clear, simple message to the public about who you are and what your business has to offer. Your tagline can help tell the potential customer why they would choose you over the competition. Design carefully, and watch the profits start rolling in!


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