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Landscaping Company Grows Brand with Partial Vehicle Wraps

South Jersey Vehicle Wraps - Sunrise Signs"Clean, professional partial wrap" 

The Challenge

Patkin Landscaping recently added a new Fort Transit Cargo van to their fleet of service trucks.  The trucks featured some simple branding - a logo on the doors, cut letting on the beds, and a green accent mark.  Since their new van was a bigger and better canvas for vehicle branding, Patkin was ready to grow their fleet's brand to the next level.  So they did what everyone does in that situation - they called Sunrise Signs! 


Montgomery County Landscaping Logo Design - Sunrise Signs


The Company

Patkin Landscaping is a landscape management company based in Wynnewood, PA. They provide a range of professional services spanning from landscape design and maintenance to commercial property management. From homes to businesses, you'll see their fleet of trucks helping transform the landscapes of Lower Montgomery County.  Winner of NFIB's "Young Entrepreneur's Award", Patkin Landscaping is a rising star in the world of landscape design and maintenance.    


Philadelphia Vehicle Wraps - Sunrise Signs "Prominent logo? Check. Bold colors? Check."

The Design

Since this would be the first van in their fleet, Patkin wanted to make good use of the real estate the vehicle had to offer.  So, based on a rough concept, our design team drafted up this professional partial wrap design that puts emphasis on sharp colors and a clean presentation.  To maintain consistency, the van's wrap design contains brand elements found on the other trucks in the fleet.  


New Jersey Partial  Vehicle Wraps - Sunrise Signs "It's all about the swoosh"

The sides of the van are a perfect example of a great partial wrap. The rear 1/3 of van is fully wrapped, adding a bright splash of color-pop from vibrant greens tones laid against a white background. The "swoosh" of the partial wrap curves along the running boards of the van body, creating a sense of continuity and movement.  The Patkin logo and contact information was applied as cut graphics on the van's painted body.


New Jersey Vehicle Graphics "Baby's got a fully wrapped back"

"We kept the wrap layout clean and simple for this wrap - bright colors and important information only. Vehicle wraps should be treated like a billboard - catch their attention and then give them the straight facts."


Landscaping Fleet Wraps - Sunrise Signs
"Precise hand cuts around every edge"
The Installation

The rear of the van is fully wrapped using digitally printed vinyl.  The forest green background provides a fine contrast to the logo and business information, without being too loud.  We made precise hand-cuts around the lights, badge, handles, and hinges to guarantee a sharp and clean installation.  Note the detailed attention shown in the grooves and recessed areas on the van, where just the right balance of heat and pressure is needed to conform the vinyl.


South Jersey Fleet Branding - Sunrise Signs

"Here's to growing businesses and landscapes"


Finishing Touches

Ready to add some clean and professional branding to your service fleet?  Have questions about what's needed to start wrapping vehicles? Click the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Sunrise Signs branding representative today!


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