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Food Truck Wrap for Whole Hog Cafe in South Jersey!

Food Truck Wraps South JerseyFood trucks have been around for almost as long as automobiles, but only in the last decade or so have they reached the fever pitch we are seeing today. It seems as if every corner has a collection of three or four trucks offering up tasty morsels. With so much competition, what is a small restaurateur to do if he wants to stand out from the crowd? South Jersey food truck wraps are where it’s at!

Our Client Needed a Food Truck Wrap

Based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, Whole Hog Café is a chain of award-winning barbecue restaurants with nearly a dozen locations from New Mexico to New Jersey. The first eatery was opened in 2000 by founders Sarge Davis, Steve Lucchi, and Ron Blasingame. They had long devoted themselves to the pursuit of barbecue perfection competing as The Southern Gentlemen’s Culinary Society. They have won top honors in a number of competitions in their time.

The local Whole Hog Café is on Route 70 West in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They serve wildly popular dishes, like tender beef brisket, smoked chicken, succulent pulled pork, as well as their famous ribs. Take a look for yourself at their menu, but be careful that you do not drool on your keyboard. The local franchise wanted to take their show on the road, so they contact our friendly experts for food truck wraps in South Jersey.

The Challenge

Food truck wrap design proofs

Food truck design proofs South Jersey

images of vehicle wrap design proofs

As you can see, the food truck Whole Hog Café purchased is huge. They already had existing logos and other artwork they wanted featured on the vehicle, and they wanted us to design a wrap that would cover the ENTIRE truck, including the roof. It is hard to tell whether our graphic designers’ mouths were watering more after looking at the menu or after getting a look at how much surface area they would get to design for.

The Sunrise Solution

New Jersey Food Truck WrapsNothing says authentic Southern barbecue quite like slow-smoked meat. To bring these images to mind, we not only incorporated the phrases “Slow-Smoked” and “Authentic Southern Barbecue” into the wrap, but we also covered the entire truck with a graphic of the inside of a smoker. The design worked with the precise dimensions and aftermarket additions to the truck to ensure the graphics jumped out at everyone that passed by.

The Results

With just a glance, you know exactly what the food truck has to offer: delicious barbecue. The passenger and driver sides have essentially the same information with different layouts to accommodate for the nuances of the truck. There is the Whole Hog Café logo along with the aforementioned phrases as well as “Cooked Fresh Daily” and “Award-Winning BBQ.” We also added the web address with a background of hot coals.

We had less room on the front and back, so we just included the logo, and on the rear, we also added the web address and “BBQ.” We had to work around the vents on the top of the truck, so we simply incorporated the logo and “BBQ.” In the end, Whole Hog Café was completely satisfied. Now, they are ready to stand out from all of the other food trucks out there!

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