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New Offices Transformed with Giant Team Room Printed Wall Mural

Interior Branding Wall MuralOver 40' wide and 9' tall, this is one big mural

The Challenge

AllRisk was recently in the process of moving to a new office. While inspecting the building's new break room, their management team saw a large, empty, white wall and knew they had a great opportunity on their hands.  They decided they wanted to use this space to both visualize their company culture of teamwork and reinforce their corporate branding.  In order to turn this idea into a reality, they knew who to call - Sunrise Signs!  Our two companies have been partners for many years: we’ve helped AllRisk execute their branding goals through promotional materials, trade show displays, and fleet vehicle wraps.

South Jersey Property Restoration

The Company

AllRisk is a property damage restoration company that provides services to business in the New Jersey Tri-State area. Since 1994 they've been providing fast and professional responses to building damage caused by fire, smoke, floods, sewage backup, water, mold, and structural collapses. Because they’re a full service contractor and available 24/7, there’s nary a job AllRisk can’t handle!

So when faced with a large blank wall in their break room, AllRisk knew our business branding expertise was up to the task!  We worked together and came up with the plan: a giant collage featuring AllRisk's employees and company branding.

South Jersey Wall Murals

"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work" - AllRisk/Sunrise Signs

The Design

AllRisk provided our design team with a collection of photos of their staff. It was up to us to find a way to combine, collage, and integrate these photos into a mural that remained consistent to the branding guidelines of the company.

South Jersey Office Branding

The many faces of AllRisk

"By using grayscale we were able to create a more subtle presentation that doesn’t overwhelm employees and visitors, but rather encourages them to spend more time engaging with mural."

We edited, cleaned up, and converted the photos to grayscale in order to better blend them into the mural. Full color photos would have added a busy feel to the mural and would take away from its total sense of cohesion. In addition, the use of grey allowed us to keep the mural closely aligned with the company’s brand colors: black, yellow, and white.

New Jersey Office Branding

AllRisk brand elements: Logo, Circular Arrow, "black" / white / yellow stripes

South Jersey Vehicle Wraps

From walls to vehicles, AllRisk Brand elements stay consistent

Another key component in the design was making sure it worked practically within the room. Knowing that space would be used for training and as a common area, our design team made sure to keep the text and visual elements above the tables and chairs that would later be in the room.

The Installation

Our installation team came out to AllRisk’s new office to prepare the wall and install the mural. We used a high tack wall vinyl sealed with specialty indoor laminate to ensure that the company’s new mural will be there for years to come. At 43’ wide and 9’ tall, this mural was a monster - printed in over 10 sections and precisely installed by our expert installation team.

Philadelphia Internal Office Branding

 Precision cuts around outlets, TV mounts, and fire alarms


Before and After

Printed Wall Murals are able to completely transform a room.  Before AllRisk's break room had an impersonal and imposing monolith of a white wall.  Now? AllRisk has an amazing new team break room mural that inspires its employees and creates a strong sense of workplace.  

Office Branding - BeforeThe calm before the storm

South Jersey Office Wall Murals

The Storm

Clean, personal, and professional. This printed wall mural was a home run for AllRisk, who took their internal office branding to the next level.  Their break room is now a space for the people, united by their shared goal of providing the superior property restoration services.


Tired of your walls yet?

Do you have empty walls lurking around your work space?  Do you want to inject some soul into your office?  Let's find time for a consultation and take your internal branding to the next level.


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