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Major Fleet Rebranding with AllRisk Property Restoration

Take a look at a major fleet rebranding with AllRisk Property Restoration Somerdale, NJ

All risk advertising vehicle Somerdale, NJ

About the Company

AllRisk is a property damage restoration company based out of Somerdale, NJ.  They’ve been in business since 1994, and have used their 20+ years of experience to help restore countless properties in the region.

Allrisk logo

With a dedicated team of 65 employees, a robust emergency response fleet and over 1,000 pieces of equipment, AllRisk are one of the largest and best-equipped firms on the East Coast. They offer 24/7 emergency service in the event of property damage caused by fire, smoke, flood, sewage backup, water, mould or structural collapse.

About the Job

AllRisk had partnered with a marketing company to help them rebrand their company.  This included a new website, logo, and other graphic elements.  The new artwork and branding focused on a professional look, based on clean lines and clean colours.  Sunrise Signs had provided the previous vehicle branding for AllRisk, and we were all too happy to help them out again to rewrap their fleet.  

Vinly graphics on All risk Somerdale, NJ

With a large fleet made up of different vehicles, it was one of our top priorities that the branding remains consistent from vehicle to vehicle.  Their fleet had smaller Chevy HHR’s and Silverado Pickups, moving all the way up to box trucks carrying specialized restoration equipment.  Our design team worked with AllRisk’s marketing department to set up and appropriately scale the artwork to match all the different vehicle body types.

All Risk Chevy Express_passenger_rev2.jpg

PASS PROOF_rev2-2.jpg

All Risk_2006 F150 Proof_REV2-1.jpg


Wrapping and rebranding fleets are our specialities here at Sunrise Signs.  We understand that with any client, turnaround and timeliness is essential, but all the more so with large fleets.  We worked with AllRisk to accommodate their driver’s schedules and planned their installations back-to-back whenever possible.  This helped save time and money by only having to send one driver to swap out the vehicles.  In total, we wrapped 26 vehicles for the company during the rebranding process.


...the old truck wrap design


...the new truck wrap design!




 ... the old van wrap

All risk team wrap in Somerdale, NJ

...the new van wrap!

Commercial van wrap of All risk Somerdale, NJ

...the old box truck wrap


...the new box truck wrap!

Fleet vehicle graphics of Allrisk Somerdale, NJ

...a new dump truck ready to join the family!


In addition the fleet of service vehicles, there were a few specialized sales vehicles that would be getting a different wrap design.  We worked directly with the marketing company to help create a layout that would look good, while still contouring to the lines and elements of the vehicle.


...the old sales Hummer H2


...the new sales Hummer design!


...and a sales Chevvy HHR design!Chevy-HHR-Wrap-Somerdal-NJ

To add a nice compliment to their vehicle branding, we also produced some tradeshow displays and promotional materials for AllRisk to use at events and for marketing opportunities.


As you can see, after their rebranding the AllRisk fleet gained a clean and professional consistency that reaches across all their vehicles.  It was our favourite kind of project here at Sunrise - a big fleet rebranding that gives a company a new brand and image.

Do you have a vehicle fleet you would like to get branded?  Time to rebrand?  Give us a call at Sunrise Signs and we'll make it happen!

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