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Animal Welfare Association Spruces Up Sprinter With Van Wraps in Camden County NJ!

Animal Welfare Association Sprinter Van Wraps in Camden County, NJLocated in Voorhees New Jersey in Camden County is the non-profit Animal Welfare Association (AWA), an organization dedicated to rescuing all animals in Southern New Jersey. Some of the programs they offer include finding forever families through adoption programs, vet services and pet therapy. The Animal Welfare Association also provides humane education programs for children of all ages.

Their outreach programs “ensure animal companionship is accessible to all.” Because this animal shelter and welfare enterprise receive no local, state or federal support it relies on private funding and donors to survive. This animal welfare organization is not affiliated with Camden County Animal Services or the Animal Orphanage—these two organizations are funded via citizen tax dollars. Their vision, however, is to “save the lives of all homeless companion animals in our community,” a much-needed rescue service indeed. They are proud of their adoption success rate and finding animal homes “regardless of age, beauty, or infirmity.”

Animals staying at the AWA awaiting forever homes receive medical care and treatment to ensure health problems are lessened, meaning a higher adoption rate.

Founded in 1948, this non-profit animal welfare facility initially received funding from Charles and Kay Clausing along with numerous volunteers and other private donations. Before a dedicated facility could be completed, volunteers took stray and homeless animals to their homes and provided them with food and shelter until proper homes could be found.

Perhaps their largest and most endearing quality is how “no animal is euthanized due to space, length of stay, or for treatable/manageable conditions.” This “no-kill” philosophy is a favoured policy to animal lovers everywhere but the AWA can’t do it all alone as a non-profit and must fundraise and seek out donations to keep the shelter open. Petco and SJCF are two proud sponsors of AWA.

To aid in their message and the need for funding and to help increase their company’s message, the AWA turned to Sunrise Signs for help in getting their message across faster with Sprinter Van wraps.

For these van wraps, we incorporated their organization colours, telephone number, website URL, sponsor thank-yous, the non-profit’s logo and how they provide, transfer, adoption and rescue services. We also inserted images of animals on these van wraps and included a QR (quick response) code where smartphone users could go directly to their website and find their next pet! We also included the Facebook logo so those viewing these Sprinter Van wraps would remember easily how to find them on Facebook.

Now as this Sprinter Van drives the streets and highways of Camden County, the AWA is getting recognized with these noticeable and affordable van wraps. Take a look at how these Sprinter van wraps turned out below and are sure to check out some of the great Google Reviews!


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