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Jeep Wraps for Realtors in Washington Township NJ

Jeep Wraps in Washington Township NJThe team of Peter Sklikas and Kimberly Schempp knows the Washington Township real estate market. These outstanding REMAX agents have been serving the area since 2005 and understand the importance of being a visible presence in the community. In fact, their Jeep is an integral part of the team’s marketing approach. With the slogan, “Our Jeep in your driveway is as good as a sold sign on your lawn,” this vehicle has to deliver the goods. For this reason, the agents contacted the signage specialists at Sunrise Signs Custom Wraps & Graphics to discuss vinyl wraps for Jeeps in Washington Township, NJ.

Turning a Marketing Tool into a Branding Powerhouse

Assisting clients with the search for condominiums, townhouses, adult-only communities, and single-family homes, the team relies on its Jeep for transportation to appointments and showings. The vehicle is a highly visible asset that introduces the real estate professionals before they ever pull into a parking space. With this high level of visibility, it makes sense that prospective clients would contact the team rather than other local agents when ready to buy or sell.

Rising to the Challenge

Jeep Wrangler Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Jeep Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Co-branding is a balancing act that ensures both sides of the equation get equal footing – with the business that commissions the vehicle wrap getting a slight uptick in popularity. For Peter Sklikas and Kimberly Schempp, this meant that the Jeep would have to show their office listing as well as the REMAX name and brand symbols. Could we do it? You bet!

Vehicle Wraps for Jeeps in Washington Township NJ

  • Company colors. The blue, red, and white colors associated with REMAX are evident as the guiding principles of the wrap’s backdrop. Adding a sky-blue imagery sets the stage for the customized branding message.
  • Style element incorporation. We added the team’s website address to the hood and put the primary contact’s cell and office numbers on the driver’s door. A design mirroring this look for the second team member presents on the passenger-side door. A “Sold” sign image with the group’s information creates a favorable impression. We placed it by the rear seats (where clients would enter).
  • Bringing in windows. Perforated vinyl window wraps allow the display of the branding message to continue along the sides and back of the vehicle.

Driving a Jeep that Stands Out in all the Right Ways

Vehicle Graphics for Jeeps in Washington Township NJ

The Jeep wrap is a premier example of marketing by going for the gusto. Covering every square inch of the vehicle with the brand’s message, it was possible to co-brand the team’s office as well as the business office of the company. Also, the use of perforated vinyl allows the design to incorporate the windows, which let our graphic artists increase the display’s size. Because the window glass did not hamper us, we could present the “Sold” sign at the ideal eye height for pedestrians and other motorists.

Jeep Vehicle Graphics in Washington Township NJ

There is no doubt that the vehicle now adds to the team’s success. The memorable wrap heightens the pros’ visibility, which in turn leads to more inquiries that then result in appointments and so forth. If you are in the business of selling residential or commercial real estate, this is the type of exposure that results in your office becoming a household name. Can you afford not to have this sort of branding power on your side? Find out how we can treat your vehicle to stand out and symbolize your brand. Whether you need Jeep wraps for Realtors in Washington Township, NJ, or for a different make and model in a different niche serving one of the surrounding areas, we can help.

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