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Food Truck Season begins with Royal Tea and Poke’ Stop

Check out these tasty wraps we have recently completed!


Food truck season is just beginning and we have already completed two delicious wraps. The owners of Royal Tea and Poke` Stop wanted to create original custom wraps as memorable as their concessions. So what did they do? They contacted the Food Truck Wrap design specialists here at Sunrise Signs! With years of food truck design experience, Sunrise Signs was able to deliver bright and eye-catching designs for each truck.

Royal Tea and Poke` Stop are different Food Truck specialties owned by the same business team. Their food trucks can be found along 40th St & Locust St in the University City section of Philadelphia, PA. Royal Tea had so much success with their first truck they added two more to their fleet. Unlike most fleets, however, they wanted each truck to have it own unique look. 


What is Bubble Tea and Poke`?

Both are relatively new to the foodie world, building in popularity over the past 5-10 years through fusion restaurants and food trucks. Poke` Stop is a raw fish bowl that is similar to a sushi bowl but with Hawaiian island flavors. This flavorful dish has been a staple of Hawaiian cuisine for centuries. As for Bubble Tea it has its origins in Taiwan and is a tea based drink that is mixed or shaken with fruit or milk, and finished with chewy tapioca balls. Both are an ideal option during the hot summer months for a cool and refreshing snack or meal.

A Design as Tasty as the Dish!

The Poke` Stop’s design inspiration came from the famous piece of art by Katsushika Hokusai titled The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Those waves accompany a custom created Poke` bowl and some palm trees to pay homage to its Hawaiian origination. The design gives the impression that the Poke` bowl is riding the wave. The front cart shows close up detail of the Poke` bowl while the rear creates a slight optical illusion, almost hiding the propane bumpouts.

Poke Stop_Driver_rev1.jpg 

Royal Tea’s design show’s a teriyaki bowl and bubble tea drinks on both the driver and passenger sides. The rear is my personal favorite as it uses the propane bump outs to create a 3D effect showing off the delicious bubble teas. In both cases, the ordering window show’s the business name twice. The window cover name is large and bold with a smaller version to the right so that when the door is open you are not losing the name of the food truck.


Royal Tea_Passenger Proof_YELLOW.jpg

The ultimate goal for both of these wraps was to catch the patron's attention as well as identify the product each truck offered quickly and easily. These unique wraps are as memorable as the treats they serve. Food trucks are great for fun designs. So the next time you are in the market for a food truck wrap remember Sunrise Signs is your one stop shop for design, fabrication, and installation.


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