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4 Huge Benefits of Leveraging Your Brand With Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Posted on Thu, Sep, 05, 2019

South Jersey Truck Graphics

Commercial vehicle wrap branding comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, designed to meet the specific advertising needs of any business and budget.  Some wraps are made up of cut decals and lettering, while others involve covering every area of a vehicle with color, information, and brand elements.  Here we’ll take a look at how commercial vehicle wraps will help you leverage your brand and increase your business.

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How to Finance Vehicle Wraps and Rebrand Your Fleet

Posted on Wed, Feb, 25, 2015

How to finance vehicle wraps and rebrand your fleetPutting your vehicle fleet’s “best tire forward” is essential in the branding and marketing game. In fact, any fleet that is full of non-descript trucks, vans, cars or SUVs isn’t on the radar. Part of the reason even a smaller fleet owner may skip the vehicle wraps is the expense. But what if you could finance your fleet wraps?

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Fleet Brand Building Using an Effective Vehicle Wraps Program

Posted on Mon, May, 20, 2013

Vehicle Wraps Program

All fleet managers and business owners that have a fleet of vehicles engage in some sort of promotional, marketing or advertising campaign but what if you switched it up a bit and considered a vehicle wraps program? What’s involved in this type of marketing program and what can you expect? Here, we take a look.

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Fleet Branding News: Roland Launches Soljet XF-640 High Speed Inkjet Printer

Posted on Wed, Apr, 03, 2013

Review of Roland Soljet XF-640 Wide Format PrinterThe new Soljet XF-640 is sure to enhance the ability of sign companies to quickly deliver high-quality fleet graphics and vehicle wraps. Fleet branding is hot these days because companies have discovered the power of 24/7 moving billboard advertising. Today we look at the features of the Soljet XF-640 in our latest industry news post.

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Branding Your Fleet With Custom Semi-Truck Graphics

Posted on Thu, Feb, 28, 2013

Custom semi truck graphicsIf your fleet of semi-trucks rolls down the highway with nothing to identify your corporate brand, you aren’t connecting with consumers whether it’s B2B or B2C. With custom semi-truck graphics, you begin to improve brand recognition with consistency and memorability.

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Are Your Company Cars Wearing Your Brand—They Can With Vehicle Wraps!

Posted on Mon, Jan, 14, 2013

Branding with business vehicle graphics and wrapsHere on our marketing blog, we enjoy offering advertising tips to business owners, contractors, fleet managers and franchise owners. We came across an article by Roger Dooley of Neuromarketing: “Brands Count—Seen or Unseen” that prompted us to ask: Why are so many company cars void of vehicle graphics that announce the brand?

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How Effective Is Industrial Fleet Vehicle Wraps Advertising

Posted on Mon, Jan, 07, 2013

How effective are fleet vehicle wrapsIndustrial companies selling warehouse equipment, machinery and manufacturing equipment still need to advertise and build a brand. Recently, here at Sunrise Signs we offered Material Handling Supply, Inc., a provider of warehouse lifts and other equipment with a great solution for their advertising campaign—fleet wraps. Sunrise Signs has designed, printed and installed many fleet vehicle wraps but in this blog post we wanted to focus on industrial fleets and just how effective fleet vehicle wraps really can be.

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Vehicle Graphics: Brand Awareness Through Graphics on Your Fleet

Posted on Sat, Apr, 07, 2012

fleet wrap graphics

You've seen them.  Those stand-out vehicles that catch your eye, turn heads, and demand attention.

Vehicle graphics not only create an island of interest in a sea of mundane traffic, but have grown to be one of the most effective marketing options available. If you're looking for innovative ways to bring brand awareness to your product or service, you'll want to consider adding graphics to your company car or fleet. 

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Brand Identity: 4 Ways to Advertise Your Vehicle Wrap Fleet

Posted on Mon, Feb, 21, 2011

vehicle wrap fleetWhile browsing the latest vehicle wrap related buzz on twitter this morning, I found a link to an excellent blog post by Blake at Advertising Vehicles. In the post, Blake wrote about a Cincinnati based company that has decided to make their RV wrap the centerpiece of their marketing by putting the wrap on their business cards.

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