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What Are Commercial Vehicle Wraps?

Posted on Tue, Aug, 20, 2019


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There are tons of options when it comes to advertising and branding your business. You’ve got traditional outlets like, print, radio, and billboards. Then there’s digital avenues such as online ads, social media, and web presence. But for any business that employs a fleet of service vehicles, there’s one form of advertising that trumps all others: commercial vehicle wraps.

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How Effective Is Industrial Fleet Vehicle Wraps Advertising

Posted on Mon, Jan, 07, 2013

How effective are fleet vehicle wrapsIndustrial companies selling warehouse equipment, machinery and manufacturing equipment still need to advertise and build a brand. Recently, here at Sunrise Signs we offered Material Handling Supply, Inc., a provider of warehouse lifts and other equipment with a great solution for their advertising campaign—fleet wraps. Sunrise Signs has designed, printed and installed many fleet vehicle wraps but in this blog post we wanted to focus on industrial fleets and just how effective fleet vehicle wraps really can be.

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Vehicle Wraps vs. Vinyl Vehicle Lettering: Which Is Best?

Posted on Mon, Oct, 29, 2012

Vehicle wraps cost lessVinyl vehicle lettering has been around since the horse and buggy days where business owners would paint letter advertisements on the sides of carriages. When the first motorized vehicles came along, lettering became even more popular—but the method of choice—hand-painting these ads was still the only way to advertise—but that has changed over the years!

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Fleet Mobile Billboard Advertising Using a Life Cost Analysis

Posted on Fri, Oct, 26, 2012

Fleet mobile billboard advertising ideasAccording to Automotive Fleet, the five challenges fleet managers face today are “Cost reduction initiatives, fuel price volatility, driver safety, implementing green fleet initiatives, and increasing driving productivity.” Part of cost reduction initiatives means fleet managers need to set budgets for their fleet including advertising costs and one way to reduce ad costs is fleet mobile billboard advertising.

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Fleet Graphics: Vehicle Advertising That Makes Sense

Posted on Mon, May, 07, 2012

Graphics VehicleHave a fleet? If so, have you consided auto wraps, decals or graphics? Vehicles with these essential advertising elements do get noticed and are more affordable than conventional advertising methods.

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Fleet Graphics: How Many Advertising Dollars Should You Spend?

Posted on Fri, Apr, 20, 2012

Fleet graphicsEvery business advertises—even those who choose time-only venues such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter. If you have a fleet of vehicles, the best way to keep your company’s name and brand in consumer’s minds is dressing them up with fleet graphics. But, how much of your advertising budget should you dedicate to fleet advertising?

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