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Contractors Ask: What Are the Best Graphics for My Trucks?

Posted on Tue, Apr, 02, 2013

Best graphics for my truckIt seems each week we get calls from contractors of all sorts that want to know the right type of graphics to use on their work trucks. From the sole proprietor to contractor vehicle fleets, graphics, vinyl lettering and partial and full body vehicle wraps are the bestway brand your business, but how do you decide which are the best graphics and what are your choices?

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The New Road Ahead: Forecasting the Vehicle Wrap Industry in Words!

Posted on Mon, Mar, 11, 2013

Vehicle wraps blogHow  many times have you tried to learn more about how a product or service offering works by doing a Google search for the product or service followed by the word “blog”? I know I do it all the time because today’s Internet technology affords us the opportunity to find industry expert blogs and videos on YouTube. Sure it’s great to read consumer reviews—no business would survive without them, but when you’re really looking for the bottom line you want someone who knows what they’re talking about—an expert so to speak.

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Why Landscapers Need to Step into the World of Auto Graphics Advertising

Posted on Fri, Jan, 11, 2013

Auto graphics advertising for landcapersIt might be cold and snowy right now, but spring is just around the corner and that means landscapers need to consider the power of auto graphics advertising. In addition, for those landscapers who also offer snow removal services or live in climates that make landscaping needs a year-round service, advertising with auto graphics is the best way to market your business and drive sales.

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The Contractors Guide to Advertising With Vehicle Wraps

Posted on Tue, Nov, 20, 2012

Contractors guide to advertisingBig or small, all contractors need to advertise! In this contractors guide to advertising we’ll show you why choosing to advertise with vehicle wraps is not only smart, it’s also a one-time advertising campaign that can last up to five years at a fraction of the cost compared to other advertising methods.

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How to Hide Your Work Vehicle With Durable Contractor Auto Wraps!

Posted on Fri, Nov, 16, 2012

Contractor auto wrapsContractors make all sorts of investments to keep their companies running smoothly including tools and equipment, parts and supplies. With a lot of contractor competition out there, most contractors know to stay in the game they need the latest tools to complete jobs accurately and to industry guidelines. Still, that old work truck doesn’t make much of a first impression but now it’s affordable to breathe life back into your contractor work vehicle with durable contractor auto wraps.

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Using Van Advertising Graphics to Engage Your Contractor Target Market

Posted on Thu, Nov, 15, 2012

Contract Van Advertising GraphicsPart of advertising, branding and marketing your contractor business means understanding your target market. As contractors, you probably already have a good idea on what type of customers you service as far as demographics.  You may service only high clientele areas where a competitor caters to lower to moderate income areas. Your business may concentrate on inner-city apartment owners where your competitor focuses on large-home suburban areas. That’s why it’s important to understand the best ways to use van advertising graphics to reach your target market based on your market niche.

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Auto Wraps Advertising Ideas, Choices and Uses

Posted on Fri, Nov, 09, 2012

Auto wraps advertising ideasThe world of auto wraps advertising continues to be an ad venue where all sizes of businesses can benefit. Images, graphics, logos, website URLs, telephone numbers are just a few elements that can be utilized in vehicle wraps and graphics and if you find you aren’t getting the return on investment for your ad dollars, now is the time to consider vehicle wraps.

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7 Ways Contractors Lose Sales Leads

Posted on Thu, Nov, 08, 2012

How contractors lose sales leadsAt Sunrise Signs we’ve been offering up  lot of press on why contractors should invest in affordable and noticeable vehicle wraps and graphics for their fleet work vehicles—and many have done so! Contractors everywhere are now driving sales and getting the sales leads they need because they took advantage of this smart branding and advertising investment. Very often, however, gaining a lead doesn’t mean you’ve closed the deal so here we’ve come up with seven tips on how to lose sales leads to ensure your leads do turn into sales.

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Turning Leads Into Sales After Your Contractor Vehicle Wraps Get Noticed

Posted on Wed, Nov, 07, 2012

Contractors turn leads into salesIf you’re one of our contractor clients who has taken advantage of the most visible form of advertising—vehicle wraps and graphics, how do you turn those leads into sales once you start receiving email inquiries, social media question posts or telephone calls? With contractor fleet vehicle wraps and graphics, gaining leads is the easy part, the challenging part is ensuring you don’t lose the leads and instead turn them into customers.

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How to Quickly Advertise Your Home Restoration, Property Damage, or Disaster Response Company

Posted on Thu, Nov, 01, 2012

Many cities on the east coast were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy with flooding and structural damage and because Sunrise Signs is located in one of the affected areas, we’ve been watching television reports intensely and helping our neighbors anyway we can.

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