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Making Your Break Room Comfortable with Graphics and Imagery

The break room is back and it’s not full of tin lunch pails and vending machines. Companies are turning break and lunch rooms into comfy places where employees feel they really are getting a “break” from the workday. Turning your room into something special inspires employees, makes them feel like you care, and sends them back to their workspaces reenergized!

Wall Graphics That Rock

Inspire employees with break room wall graphics


Your staff wants to feel important, especially those that fall into the millennial group. The wall graphics / bar-stool theme above lets them know they can “crash” but it also subconsciously reminds them they are leaders, innovators and the company thinks they are the best of the best. Wall murals that display messages that make your staff feel engaged is part of growing your company culture.

Modern Geometry

Digitally printed custom wallpaper for break rooms


This room is full of modern elegance. It could be a dining room in a home. What makes it different is the digitally printed wallpaper, a modern and fresh look, and the feeling of a place employees can gather. These types of break rooms are great if you want the team to interact or exchange ideas. It also demands a togetherness so no one is (or feels) left out.

Yep, You Can Keep the Vending Machines!

Breakroom wall graphics that inspire employees


In the example above we do indeed see a vending machine of sorts. If you don't want to totally redesign your break room, why not add graphic visuals to it? Simple yet noticeable graphics reveal this is a place to "refresh" but there are also graphics that reveal the company's brand. Keeping your logo and brand in front of your staff at all times is another way to promote corporate culture.

Frosted Vinyl and Crisp Posters Make an Impact

Frost glass vinyl and posters for employee breakrooms


Here, we see the use of two types of graphics to inspire your staff at lunch. Make the area feel "private" with frosted glass vinyl and include vibrant digitally-printed framed posters to remind them of what the company is all about. Comfortable seating is designed to ensure collaboration is possible in this visual, yet relaxing room for your employees.

Keeping It Open

The perfect visual breakroom for millennials


Our last example offers that "open" feel millennials want. A focal wall receives a vinyl mural to keep the goals of the company forefront in the mind's of your staff. Various types of seating also inspires different things. For some the large table is a collaboration place. Comfortable chairs offer alone time and one-on-one break spaces also invite conversation. Tons of things can be going on in this open space; a must-do if your staff is full of millennials!

Inspirational Areas

Most corporations already have a room designated as a "break" area. Make yours inviting and inspirational using wall graphics, posters, and privacy window vinyl. These are the type of break rooms your staff desires and we're here to help!

Ask Us How to Make Your Break Room Inspirational!


Image Credits:

Tia PurcellGresham Smith  / Reveal Graphics / / Epstein Global

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