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A Tantalizing Food Truck Wrap on CNBC's The Profit

Posted on Fri, Aug, 11, 2017

If you tuned into The Profit on CNBC this week, Marcus Lemonis was taking a look at mobile gelato company HipPOP, that was struggling to expand into franchising the business.  All throughout the episode there were a bunch of glimpses at the HipPOP’s food truck wrap and the company's vehicle fleet branding.  While the commitment level of the company’s owner wasn’t so hot, their use of vehicle branding was a cool as can be.



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Food Truck Wrap Makeover: Philadelphia Cheesesteaks on Wheels

Posted on Wed, Feb, 01, 2012

philadelphia catering food truck wrapsIf there is one thing that my hometown of Philadelphia is famous for, other than the infamous Santa Claus snowball throwing incident, it's Philadelphia Cheesesteaks.

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Food Truck Wraps and Graphics: Why Your Menu will Never Have a Better Curb Appeal

Posted on Fri, Dec, 09, 2011

food truck wraps graphicsAre you missing one of the best ways to advertise your food products?  You have delivery trucks on the road throughout the area that you serve.  You also have them parked at colleges and universities, potential serving thousands of students a day. What better idea than to have real high quality food truck wraps displayed on each of them? 
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Project Feature: Food Truck Wrap on the Rachael Ray Show!

Posted on Thu, Nov, 17, 2011

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BBQ Goes Mobile: We Vehicle Wrap Up Tommy Gunns BBQ

Posted on Mon, Dec, 13, 2010

Sunrise Signs has made a reputation designing, fabricating and installing vehicle wraps.  We confer with the client to design wraps. We print the wraps right here on location. We install wraps in our heated indoor facility.   In this case, though, we got to learn a little something about branding.  You see, Michael Usowski, an owner at Tommy Gunns BBQ in Manyunk, is a business branding guru.  In a previous life, Michael was the creative director for a few dot com companies.  Then he found BBQ.  Since he enjoyed cooking…why not BBQ? Why not a restaurant?tommy guns 4 shadow resized 600

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