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Branding Your Company Image: Vehicle Wraps Part of the Process

Posted on Thu, Jun, 20, 2013

Brand your company imageHow do consumers relate to your business? Do they connect your logo with what you sell? Are you consistently promoting your brand? If not, branding your company image is an important part of being an entrepreneur and vehicle wraps are a step in this process.

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Is Advertising on Vehicles a Tax Deduction?

Posted on Mon, Jun, 17, 2013

Vehicle advertising tax deductionVehicle wraps advertising is exploding. Business owners, contractors of all kinds, franchisors and fleet owners are installing auto wraps on their vehicles to help brand their businesses locally and nationally. While vehicle wraps are an affordable marketing solution, is advertising on vehicles a tax deduction?

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3 Reasons Why You Need Vehicle-Based Advertising

Posted on Wed, Jun, 05, 2013

Vehicle-based advertisingAre you happy with your company’s advertising campaign? Is it reeling in the customers or only a few here and there? Are you spending a lot of money to ensure you cover all the top local spots like radio, TV and newspapers and still only seem a small improvement in sales revenues? If so, it may be time to considered vehicle-based advertising. You’ll be able to determine the need after you read these three reasons to switch.

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Why Consumers Hate Advertising But They Don’t Dislike Vehicle Wraps

Posted on Thu, May, 30, 2013

Why consumers hate advertisingIf you do a Google search on “things consumers hate about advertising” you’ll find 24 million hits! While many of the articles and blog posts offer some great reasons why the general public avoids advertisements at all costs, we thought we’d narrow down the real reasons consumers hate advertising. Of course we’re also adding a snippet on why consumers do enjoy vehicle wraps advertising.

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Car Wraps Advertising Agencies: Are They All the Same?

Posted on Wed, May, 29, 2013

Car Wraps Advertising AgenciesIf you’re considering advertising and marketing your company, there are many companies dedicated to car wraps advertising. The question becomes which agency will do the most for you at a price you can afford and still deliver high-quality vehicle wraps?

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Paint Striping and Vehicle Wraps: Which Voids Your Paint Warranty?

Posted on Mon, May, 13, 2013

Paint stripes vs vehicle wrapsCustom paint striping and lettering, if done correctly, can help brand your corporate fleet—so can vehicle wraps. On the other side of the effectiveness of both, which of these marketing tools will void your paint warranty?

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Vehicle Wraps Effectiveness Compared to Your Advertising Campaign

Posted on Thu, May, 09, 2013

Vehicle Wraps EffectivenessIn our vehicle wraps blog, we enjoy offering marketing, branding and advertising strategies to help businesses make better decisions on what works, what doesn’t and suggestions to try. As we browsed the Internet ourselves we suddenly realized almost every marketing expert has similar solutions to why ads aren’t working. So, we thought we’d look at vehicle wraps effectives compared to the marketing campaign you’re using right now.

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Different Types of Vehicle Wraps: A Solution for Every Business

Posted on Wed, May, 01, 2013

Different types of vehicle wrapsSunrise Signs probably receives more phone calls about the different types of vehicle wraps we sell more than another other customer inquiry.  It’s true there are a variety of choices and one is sure to fit any business, franchise or fleet owner. So, we thought we’d put all of the choices in one easy blog post.

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Vehicle Wraps Advertising Reeling in Customers? Sell the Results Not the Product!

Posted on Mon, Sep, 17, 2012

How to close a sales dealOnce you’ve made the smart decision to use vehicle graphics and wraps on company vehicles to advertise what product you sell or service you offer, the consumer visuals you’ve gained from this ad campaign is reeling in the customers. Now that your company, fleet or franchise wraps are doing their job are you doing all you can to close the deal?

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Tips for Marketing Professionals: How to Rebrand and Still Stay Relevant

Posted on Tue, Jul, 03, 2012

Stay relevant with vehicle wraps and graphicsIf you have a client who needs a rebrand, one of the reasons they may need to rebrand is brand relevancy. No matter how popular the brand, if its condition is suffering, your client will lose customers to other brands doing innovative things. David Aaker wrote a blog for Harvard Business Review on “Four Strategies for Staying Relevant” and offers tips on why loss of relevance is something to take a more in-depth look at.

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