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How to Finance Vehicle Wraps and Rebrand Your Fleet

Posted on Wed, Feb, 25, 2015

How to finance vehicle wraps and rebrand your fleetPutting your vehicle fleet’s “best tire forward” is essential in the branding and marketing game. In fact, any fleet that is full of non-descript trucks, vans, cars or SUVs isn’t on the radar. Part of the reason even a smaller fleet owner may skip the vehicle wraps is the expense. But what if you could finance your fleet wraps?

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Stop Shopping Around for Universal Truck Graphics

Posted on Wed, Mar, 13, 2013

Universal Truck Graphics for fleetsAttention fleet managers! Have you used more than one sign company for your vehicle graphics to save a bit and now they all look slightly different? That’s the problem with continually shopping for a different graphic and wraps vendor instead of finding the right one and allowing them to take care of all your universal truck graphics needs.

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How Effective Is Industrial Fleet Vehicle Wraps Advertising

Posted on Mon, Jan, 07, 2013

How effective are fleet vehicle wrapsIndustrial companies selling warehouse equipment, machinery and manufacturing equipment still need to advertise and build a brand. Recently, here at Sunrise Signs we offered Material Handling Supply, Inc., a provider of warehouse lifts and other equipment with a great solution for their advertising campaign—fleet wraps. Sunrise Signs has designed, printed and installed many fleet vehicle wraps but in this blog post we wanted to focus on industrial fleets and just how effective fleet vehicle wraps really can be.

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Where Can I Find 3M Vehicle Wraps for Franchise & Fleet Vehicles

Posted on Tue, Sep, 25, 2012

3M car care franchise vehicle wraps for fleet advertsing ROIOne of the top manufacturers of heavy-duty adhesive vinyl is 3M and Sunrise Signs utilizes their products to continually produce custom and unique vehicle wraps. Many of our fleet and franchise customers look for high-quality vehicle graphics and wraps and because we use 3M products, the end results are always given high praise because 3M vehicle wrap products are durable and cost-saving.

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Why Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Are Better Than Painting Company Cars

Posted on Fri, Sep, 21, 2012

Fleet vehicle wrapping vs. paintingDo you have a fleet of cars, vans, trucks or SUVs and find they need a little appearance maintenance? Business owners and fleet managers are experts at paying attention to vehicle maintenance—even ensuring vehicles are cleaned inside and out, but what if your fleet is looking a little poorly due to paint fading or scratching?

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Do Your Fleet Service Vehicles Offer the Wrong Impression? You Need Vehicle Graphics!

Posted on Thu, Sep, 20, 2012

Advertise with Fleet Vehicle Graphics and WrapsCorporate trainer Lydia Ramsey says of first impressions “When you meet someone face-to-face, 93 percent of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data,” meaning your appearance and body language—the same can be said of your fleet of service vehicles. If your fleet isn’t making a good first impression, perhaps it’s time to rethink how your fleet really looks to potential customers and take advantage of fleet vehicle graphics and wraps.

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