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What Vinyl You Need for Wall Decals

Wall decals offer companies a range of benefits when it comes to creating an emotional connection with their clients. Business wall decals set the tone, can help with style, and offer information to customers.

Choosing the right wall decal for business is an important marketing tactic for any company that wants to be sure they are leaving a positive impression on their clients and partners.

What Vinyl Do I Need for Wall Decals?

When deciding on wall decals for business purposes, there are a variety of questions to ask yourself. Think about how long the decal needs to last, where it is going to be, how it will leave a mark on customers, and what the messaging should be. For example, if the goal is to convey information about the business such as the logo or services offered, the best choice may be permanent vinyl. However, if you want something to throw up for the holiday season, removable vinyl would be best.

Make sure to always verify if the vinyl is suited for indoor or outdoor purposes, as it ends up affecting how long your wall decal will last. Outdoor vinyl is suited for harsh weather conditions, whereas indoor ones are not.

When searching for vinyl, the options a company wants to look for are:

  • Outdoor removable vinyl
  • Indoor removable vinyl
  • Outdoor permanent vinyl
  • Indoor permanent vinyl

Tips for Applying Business Wall Decals

To apply wall decals, you should always start by cleaning the surface of the wall, whether it is inside or outside. Remove any dirt or debris by using a very mild cleaner and a cloth. Make sure that the wall is completely dry before you continue.

After that, mark the placement of your decal by measuring the space, that way you don’t accidentally put anything crooked up. Next, place the bottom corner at the mark you made and slowly begin to press the vinyl against the wall. In order to not end up with any creases or air bubbles, smooth them out as you go, and make sure to go about the process slowly.

Using a squeegee or a credit card to smooth the surface evenly will allow you to get a smooth finish.

Getting the Help You Need with Corporate Wall Decals

Wall decals are an amazing way to show off any corporate branding. Choosing a design that elevates your brand tone and corporate presence will only help in creating an elevated and positive experience for all your clients and partners.

In order to get the help you need to install some breathtaking wall decals, it’s important to go with a company that will provide you with the right information and style. That’s where Sunrise Signs can help you get started. Call Sunrise Signs today so you can make your wall decal dream a reality.

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