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What is the True Cost of Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

What is the true cost of vehicle wrap advertising?If you could get 16 million eyeballs to see your marketing and branding messages each year, would you jump at the opportunity? What if this fantastic return on investment could be yours for only about $3,000?

Vehicle Wraps: Marketing Miracles for Budget-conscious Companies

We previously discussed the high cost of billboard advertising. By way of a refresher, remember that this ad product is available only for a limited time. Rental durations usually last 30 to 60 days – or until you run out of money. Costs vary by size; smaller billboards cost about $10,000; the larger ones set you back about $30,000. When you get into the realm of LEDs, well, let us just say that you are likely looking at six figures.

How much does mobile marketing cost?Daily impressions vary considerably. If your billboard is situated near a closed off-ramp or behind a dilapidated warehouse, you probably will not have very many folks seeing your ad. If it is located on a piece of prime marketing real estate, your odds are better. Vehicle wraps beat this hit-or-miss marketing proposition by a mile.

What is the True Cost of Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

You can get an outstanding vehicle wrap for $3,000. It lasts for about five years. This translates into $600 per year or $50 per month. This figure looks vastly different from the high cost of billboard rentals, does it not? Of course, the real proof is in the pudding or, in this case, in the number of impressions.

A wrapped vehicle usually gets 16 million impressions per year. Over the course of five years, this translates into 80,000,000 eyeballs. Nevertheless, let us take it back to the per annum cost. If you take the cost of $600 and divide it by 16 million impressions, you get a cost per impression that is only $0.0000375.

What is the true cost of box truck wrap advertising?Alternatively, to look at it from the annual vehicle wraps cost per impressions evaluated at the CPM level (dollar amount for every 1,000 impressions), you would pay $0.03 for each 1,000 consumers glancing at your wrapped car, truck or van.

Why Bother with the Math?

If your eyes are glazing over, do not worry. The math lesson is over. Instead, we challenge you to think through your advertising budget and success. Have you been allocating funds to newspaper or billboard ads? How have they been working for you? Unless these marketing methods can compare with the number of prospective customers reached by a vehicle wrap, you might just be wasting your money. Adding insult to injury, the money that should be coming in from paying buyers to fuel your next ad campaign is likely outstanding. In a way, you are throwing good money after bad.

How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle?Vehicle wraps let you reap the benefits of your marketing efforts from day one. From dawn to dusk, and beyond, your vehicle displays your message. Whoever drives or walks past it, cannot help but look. That is the power of a well-done, expertly designed wrap.

Even the most original newspaper ad will not get anyone to look at it if the paper is recycled right away. Since many folks now get their news from the Internet, papers are usually only bought for the Sunday coupons. The billboard, on the other hand, is only as useful as the traffic that goes past it. Road closures or even a steady stream of consumers outside your targeted demographic fail to yield the results that a wrap brings to the table.

Can you afford to gamble with your advertising dollars? When you are ready to get serious about impressions, contact our graphic artists for help with the design of an excellent wrap product.

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