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Why B2B Corporate Culture Is Important and Using Graphics to Promote It

B2B Corporate Culture and Using Graphics to Promote ItAs markets and trends continuously evolve, there will never be a truly permanent guidebook to becoming a great business. The only rule that consistently stands the test of time is the fact that businesses must be in a constant state of evolution in order to become successful and stay that way. Most B2B organizations have heard a lot about corporate culture in recent years, but unfortunately, a large number if CEOs still do not understand the importance of it.

In June 2015, the Fortune Knowledge Group partnered with GYRO and conducted a survey of over 500 directors, COOs and CMOs. The results of that study provide concrete evidence that mindlessly going through the motions of corporate culture is inadequate. In fact, 59 percent of survey participants said that they want their corporate partners to truly stand for something.

Business Relations

Corporte Wall Murals to Define a Room's Purpose

Use wall murals to define a room's purpose

Decision makers at many businesses are craving more personal interaction within the corporate world. While hard factors are obviously still taken into consideration, a shocking 62 percent of those decision makers admit to relying on intuition or “gut feelings” when making important choices. Additionally, 68 percent claim they are willing to suffer a short-term financial loss in order to build long-term relationships.

Dimensional Lettering and Graphics to Portray Corporate Culture

Mix dimensional letters and graphics

Mission statements are essentially the constitution of a company. However, it is not enough to simply print out your cookie-cutter statement and hang it in a dusty frame in the shadows of your office. Go back to the organization’s roots to find inspirational values that define your culture. After all, 80 percent of company leaders believe that a successful company’s biggest idea is actually their original idea.

Employee Engagement

The presence of a strong corporate culture is becoming a large deciding factor for today’s millennials on the job hunt. Successful B2B companies rely on a passionate and engaged workforce to achieve maximum results. Your core values should be apparent to everybody, and one of the best ways to do that is by making sure your employees are well aligned with them.

Wall Murals to Renovate a Corporate Space

Graphics or murals to renovate corporate spaces

Instilling a deep sense of loyalty to a brand within your team is easily done by making sure your practices and processes consistently embody the culture you’re promoting. Another great way to provide a deeper look into your culture is by making proper use of social media. Today, deeds count more than words, so make sure to provide plenty of real-life examples of your corporate culture in action.

Promotion with Corporate Culture Graphics

Custom graphics play a huge role in defining the corporate culture within your B2B company. They can be used to design amazing breakrooms that inspire and motivate employees, welcoming lobbies that make visitors feel at home, and open workspaces that encourage collaboration and innovation among team members. There are many types of corporate culture graphics to choose from to get your message across, (as seen throughout this post). The most popular include:

Combine Standalone Graphics to Tell Your Corporate Story

Standalone graphics to portray your corporate history or timeline

Wall murals: These graphics cover an entire wall, and can be designed to coordinate with the room’s intended purpose.

Dimensional letters: 3D lettering is an excellent way to call attention to a display, and ties smaller pieces together to form an actual collection.

Wall graphics: If you want to avoid completely redesigning a space, wall graphics are the perfect way to update a room without undertaking a large renovation.

Standalone graphics: Commonly used to divide spaces or add texture, standalone graphics are typically framed posters or panels, and really call attention to your corporate culture message.

People typically remember 95 percent of the visual information they process, which makes custom corporate graphics highly effective in conveying your corporate culture. A healthy and visible corporate culture is crucial to maintain valuable relationships with business partners and employees alike.

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