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Promoting Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements for Non Profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations, it’s essential to have your vision and mission statements not just on your website, brochures and fundraising materials, but also inside your place of business. The same is true for your core value statement. Why is this so important for non-profits? Donors and investors want to know your values, goals and ideals if you want them to buy in monetarily. 

In-Your-Face Visuals

Non-Profit Graphic Visuals that Promote and Invite Investors

Beyond the primary goal of a non-profit (the service or product they offer or the people or community they serve), the secondary goal is always fundraising. Finding investors is an on-going process that never ends in the charitable arena.

Some of the graphic visuals you can add inside your non-profit to entice these investors include:

  • Donor Tree Graphics
  • Core Value Statements
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Wall Murals Depicting Success

Throughout this post, you'll see examples of recommended visuals to help you promote your mission, vision and core value statements. We've also included other visual ideas to wow your audience.

Beyond Just Promoting

Non-Profit Mission Statement Using Wall Murals and Acrylic Panels

Non-profits also need to get their interior community committed to its ideals. These folks include board members, special committees and every employee that works for your charitable corporation.

Conference rooms, play areas, learning spaces, libraries, and resource spaces should all contain graphics that inspire those who work at the non-profit.

While your lobby area and conference rooms are the best places to reel in the investor with corporate value graphics, those who are part of the non-profit (employee, volunteer, committee member, staff) also need to be inspired daily. 

Vinyl graphics, acrylic panels with vinyl text, and wall murals that incorporate essential points about your non-profit ensures these people never forget the goals at hand.

Where to Get Ideas

Mixed Material Graphic Wall Visuals for Non-Profits

Many of our corporate clients that invest in our vinyl graphics, murals and acrylic displays ask us this question all the time: "What should they include?" Our in-house graphic artists work with your appointed team to develop visuals by reviewing your:

  • Brochures
  • Core value statement
  • Years in business, history
  • Focal product, service, or people you help
  • The city or town your serve most
  • Interior decor already in place
  • Corporate colors
  • In-depth consultations with staff, board members and volunteers.

The finished project needs to instantly connect with everyone. As stated earlier, the people you will want to impress most is the investor, however, the clients that utilize your non-profit also need to be visually engaged. So do the people that work there.

Using already in-place materials and our consultations help us ensure visuals do what they are meant to do: impress, inspire, welcome, soothe, and every other emotion you want those that walk into or work inside your non-profit to feel.

Mixed Materials

Acrylic Panels and Vinyl Text Core Value Statements for Non-Profits

The best visuals for promoting your charitable business always include who you are and what you do. Often we take advantage of mixed materials such as blending acrylic panels with vinyl wall graphics. Or, storyboards with graphics and text that convey your ideals. Very often, timelines and histories are conveyed through digitally-printed imagery and placed on walls or on large acrylic panels. Window graphics can also be useful in getting your message into the minds of anyone, in any room, of your non-profit.

The very worst thing a non-profit can do is rely on outdated information to reel in investors, volunteers and those who require your products or services. In today's visual world, we recommend connecting with people in a way that will reach them on a subconscious level. Graphics of all kinds, including using mixed materials, achieve this goal.

Let us show you how to promote your non-profit's mission, vision and core value statements, but also how to use the right visual tools to keep what's important about your charity forefront in the minds of everyone you're trying to reach.

Ask Us How to Promote Your  Non-Profit with Visuals and Graphics!

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