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3 Non-Profit Graphics You Need in Your Lobby

The lobby of every non-profit must convey your purpose—almost immediately.  While the colorful brochures you have are there for perusal (and for the taking), graphic visuals will attract the eyes of potential donors much faster.  Below find the three most important types of non-profit graphics to put in your reception area.

1. Donor Trees

Donar Tree Wall Signs

Visitors and potential donors will want to see a vibrant donor tree right inside your reception area. Even as a non-profit, you will also have business partners and committee members that desire these in a huge way. Donors want to see their names and their level of contribution and potential contributors want to see how their names will be displayed. In the above example, a vinyl three-dimensional wall mural using inserts is just one way to convey you care about your donors--of all kinds.

Or, choose a simpler method such as acrylic boards where the names of donors are placed with vinyl and then the donor wall is mounted to the wall using attractive stand-offs.

Acrylic Donar Wall Signs

The main point here is making the investment to gain an attractive donor wall. They are the easiest and quickest way to show off who is investing and believing in your non-profit.

2. Vision Statements

Every non-profit begins with a vision statement but don't make it hard for your community to find it. Not only should it be easily found on your website but also in your lobby. The one you see below is easily made using dimensional lettering. These letters can be made from a variety of materials including foam, metal, wood or acrylic and they can be fabricated with your font and non-profit corporate colors.

Colorful Lobby Wall Signs

Or, the use of acrylic and vinyl makes for an eye-grabbing geometrical look that is hard to miss; as seen in the vision statement wall graphic signage solution below:

Together in health acrylic signs

The point is to ensure you have your vision statement clearly visible and using technology from today's sign industry, that is now possible.

3. Mission Statements

Just as with your donor tree and vision statement, your mission statement should also be in clear view. One example is to use mixed materials. Below, the "Our Mission" is fabricated and installed using vinyl graphics with dimensional lettering.

Mission Statement Wall Decals

Or, your mission statement can be made entirely of vinyl graphics. The one below is an excellent way to also remind people that you are always ready for new donors.

Mission Statement Wall Graphics

Consider using these three graphic ideas in the lobby of your non-profit to invite guests, donors, business partners, employees and investors. Not only will these enhance your reception area, the visuals one sees will be the last thing they remember about your organization.

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