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First Impression Business Branding Ideas for Facilities and Offices

South Jersey Office Wall Mural

We all know first impressions matter. That’s why we make sure there’s nothing in our teeth before a meeting, why we keep lint rollers in our car, and maintain diligent eye contact. Doing these things make sure we’re presenting the best version of ourselves to our customers, employees, and co-workers. But what about the office or facility you work in? What about the physical building you and your customers visit everyday? What kind of first impression is being made there?

At Sunrise Signs, we're experts at branding facilities, offices, and buildings. Whether it's a total building makeover or adding professional touches to internal spaces, we've got you covered. Here we'd like to take a look at a few different options you have when comes to branding your facility or office.

 South Jersey Office Branding Solutions"Hey, That's Us!"


Wall Graphics

Inspiration Ideas: Company Logos, Mission Statements, Core Values, Room Labeling, Corporate Culture, Accent/Color pieces

Wall Graphics offer you a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to internally branding your facility. Typically consisting of cut lettering and custom shaped logos and images, these branding elements can be applied on almost any wall or space.

New Jersey Office Wall Lettering
"What's your company about? Tell them with wall graphics"

You’ve also got material flexibility as well - wall graphics are digitally printed and lettering has an option to be custom cut out of specialty vinyls like Gold Leaf or Brushed Silver.  This gives you the most options when curating your corporate brand. Our team of professional installation experts will ensure that your new wall graphics are applied on the level and to maximize the lifespan of the material.

Philadelphia Office Graphics Lettering

"One Company, One Message"

Privacy Film

Inspiration Ideas: Office privacy, room labels, window tagging, culture branding

Privacy film is a special-use vinyl that creates a “frosted glass” look, without the cost and window damage associated with typical sandblasting or acid etching frosting techniques. This film simply applies over glass and can be custom cut and shaped, allowing for names, simple logos, and images to be created out of the film.

South Jersey Frosted Glass
"The gears of creativity, always turning"
Since its application is adhesive, privacy film can be safely removed from the glass without any permanent damage. This is a great tool for creating subtly professional designs, providing privacy, and even adding visibility to glass doors and windows that may get bumped into.

New Jersey Office Privacy Film

"Privacy and Professionalism in one Package"

Wall Murals

Inspiration Ideas: Employee Celebration, Corporate Values, Company History, Office Culture Branding, Lobby Impressions

One of most powerful internal branding statements you can make is with a wall mural. This is the branding that makes people stop and say, “Whoa”.

Philadelphia Corporate Culture Wall Mural "Whoa"

This is branding that defines a workspace, something sticks with your visitors, customers, and employees. They take it home with them because wall murals make big statements and leave lasting impressions. These are big projects with big impacts, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

New Jersey Facility Wall Mural Break Room
"We are OTIS, we are Philly"
Great internal branding comes from great consultative design.  A consultative design process should start first and foremost with your branding goals, which is why we start every branding project with a thorough discussion about the needs, wants, and objectives your looking to achieve.  By approaching design this way, the ambitions of your company's brand becomes the guiding hand that leads the creative process.
South Jersey Company History Wall Mural
"Mixed Media Timeline Display: Wall Mural, Cut Acrylics, Digitally Printed Vinyl, Expert Install"


Internal Displays

Inspiration Ideas: Lobby Logos, Company Information, Timelines, Corporate Branding

Internal displays are the tools that allow your facility or office to speak with confident professionalism. Internal displays can be many things - 3D lettering, Custom Formed Logos, Stand-Off panels, or just about any kind of wall mounted display. Internal displays are great for creating professional statements in office lobbies, common spaces, and visitor areas. While there’s an almost endless amount of internal display types, we’ll take a look at the two most popular kinds here.

South Jersey Stand-Off Displays
"Mounted on running wire, these displays spark and encourage interaction"

3D Lettering

3D Lettering provides a great opportunity to display your company’s brand in bold and impactful ways. Letters can be made from a range of materials like formed plastics, weather resistant foams, brushed laminates, and even solid cut metal.

Lobby Signs and Graphics South Jersey
"Brushed metal lettering, digitally printed graphics, precision cut vinyl"


These pieces can either be natural material, painted, or applied with vinyl to incorporate custom logos and brand elements. You can call the shots with assurance, knowing we can handle every step of the process from design, fabrication, and installation.

Dimensional Office Lettering South Jersey
"3D Pin-Set Letters on a custom cut stone background, mounted on conference room wall"


Stand-Off Displays

Stand-Off displays are great conversation pieces that identify your branding, highlight the history of your business or provide more information about your services and products.  These displays consist of a base material (like polycarbonate, glass, or wood) which is then projected off the wall using spacers or wire line placed around the edges of the material.

Philadelphia Illuminated Office Signs
"Some assembly required: 1/2" Stand-Offs + Aluminum Back Plate + Polycarb Base + Reverse Cut Polycarb Logo + Cut Acrylic Lettering + Halo Lighting = One Unforgettable Sign!"


You can choose from multiple materials and effects (like halo lighting) to make your stand-off display a unique and memorable piece of your business environment.  We'll then prepare and finalize these signs at our facility to guarantee a powerful and professional product.  Our installation team takes special care to make sure these signs are securely installed and mounted to ensure a long life full of powerful impressions.

Acrylic Office Signs Philadelphia
"18 Total Pieces make up this 3 Layered Sign"

Exterior Signs & Displays

Inspiration Ideas: Entrance Signs, Building Lettering, Window Graphics, Facility Wayfinding + Identification, Illuminated Signs

Before you “wow” your visitors and employees with your great new internal branding, you need to set the tone with some powerful outside displays. These are the pieces that define your building and set your branding tone. Are you located in an office park? Are your visitors and customers easily able to identify your building? Do they know where they’re going? What kind of first impression do they get when they approach your doors? These are all questions that outside displays answer.

South Jersey Building Signs
"Welcome to Pathfinder, You Won't Be Forgetting Us"

Examples include dimensional building lettering, window graphics, illuminated signage, placards, and impressive monument signs. For your windowed areas, we offer digitally printed cut vinyls as well as one-way perforated privacy films.

New Jersey Building Lettering
"Weatherproof Aluminum Brushed Letters Mounted Directly Into Brick"

It's important to approach these projects with a keen eye to design and installation, making sure that your building’s outdoor branding is properly scaled and installed to garner the most impact for your business. To make these projects as easy as possible for you, we can also handle any engineering and municipal permits that are needed to create these powerful showpieces.

South Jersey Window Lettering
"Make your mark, build your brand"

Just the Start

Now that you've seen what's out there - does your facility or office hold up? This is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the great indoor and outdoor branding solutions we at Sunrise Signs can offer you.  Have artwork of your own? Great! Let’s turn it into a reality. Got a great idea but no design skills? We’ve got that in spades. Know you want a big impactful wall mural but nothing else? Easy-peasy - this is what we do everyday.

The best way to get things started is to click the link below and schedule a consultation. It's completely free, and gives us a better opportunity to discuss your branding objectives and goals. Give it a click let's start making impressions!


Let our experts show you how to leverage your brand!

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