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7 Office Branding Ideas and Tips to Distinguish Your Brand


Your brand is what your business is built upon. Without a brand, your business would lack a purpose, an identity, and a connection with your target audience. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to build a solid and cohesive brand that your community will know and love. Invest in working with an office branding company to maximize your branding strategy. Here are seven office branding ideas and tips to help distinguish and develop your business’s brand.

1. Keep your branding elements cohesive.

For customers to recall and recognize your brand, you must ensure all your branding elements evoke the same design, color, messaging, business name, logo, and the like. If your branding is all over the place, it will be hard for anyone to remember your business. Your business will seem trustworthy and professional to all new and potential customers who enter your establishment with a consistent branding strategy.

2. Instil a positive atmosphere in your office.

People are naturally drawn to positive environments. When your business evokes feelings of positivity in your employees and customers, it can improve morale. Using office branding wall graphics can display positive messages, words of encouragement, and creative graphics and images within your space. By branding your workspace with inspiring and motivational elements, you're creating a place where people want to be. You can never go wrong when your business becomes known as a positive environment within your local community.

3. Choose your color scheme wisely.

Colors can play a huge role in your brand perception. The colors you choose to represent your brand will subconsciously evoke different emotions in your target audience. Through the use of color psychology, we are aware that each color has a meaning behind it. For example, the color red can represent passion, strength, and excitement. When deciding upon your brand’s colors, keep color theory in mind to select the right colors to represent your business’s values.

4. Invest in signs to display your brand’s message.

Signage is key to branding. Your signs become an extension of your brand. When you’re not there to greet or inform your customers, your signage does the job for you. Ensure your brand’s message aligns with your signage design. If your business’s message doesn’t match your signage solutions, people will get confused and ultimately lose trust in your brand. By working with a signage specialist at Sunrise Signs, we can provide you with office branding suggestions to ensure your company's message is displayed clearly through your indoor and outdoor signs.

5. Keep your brand simple.

Simplicity is key. It always has been, and it always will. Don’t overwhelm your customers with an abundance of different messaging, logos, business information, and the like. A well-designed and straightforward brand strategy can make your business successful. Invest in a high-quality outdoor business sign that matches the lobby sign within your business. Add door signs and window graphics to your establishment. You don’t need to brand every area of your business, but the areas you do decide to brand, keep it clean, simple, and professional.

6. Light up your brand.

An office branding idea that can be beneficial is incorporating lighting into your signage. Do you want your brand to stand out at all hours of the day and night? Invest in an illuminated storefront sign to catch the attention of onlookers and passersby. Use LED lights to your advantage. Shine a light upon your brand and see how many people will want to choose your business.

7. Location.

Build your brand’s identity with your location in mind. If you’re located in a large city, consider incorporating the cityscape into your office branding wall graphics. Tying your location into your brand can put you on the map and build more brand awareness since consumers love to support businesses that evoke their support and love for the city, place, or location you represent.

Overall, branding your business can be complex. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when it comes to making the right choices for your branding needs. Work with Sunrise Signs and their team to easily brand your business. Partner with an office branding company today. Contact us for a consultation.

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