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Master the Art of Custom Window Graphics: Your Guide to Decals & Clings

Window Graphics - Sunrise Signs

Window graphics can really jazz up your marketing game. They're hard to miss, offer plenty of room for creativity, and they give your brand a serious visibility boost. The best part? They're friendly to your pocket compared to other large signage options, and depending on the material, you can use them over and over. 

With a 2022 retail trends study showing that a solid 36% of shoppers are looking to spend more in-store (including a whopping 45% of Gen Z and 46% of millennial parents), there's no better time to include window graphics in your marketing mix. The key to killer window signage? It's all about design, material, placement, and size. So, let's delve into the best ways to make window clings and decals work for you.

What are Window Graphics?

First things first, what's are custom window graphics? Simply put, they're signs that you stick onto a window or glass surface. They can be anything from subtle to an all-out cover-up, provide privacy, tell a story, promote a brand, guide people, or add some holiday spirit. Window clings are crafted from plastic or vinyl film and stick to glass without causing damage. Some are here to stay, while others can be saved for another day if you store them right. They can be put up inside or outside and offer tons of flexibility in terms of style, shapes, colors, and messaging.

Types of Window Graphics:

Next, let's talk types. Window graphics can be window decals (sticking with an adhesive) or window clings (sticking through static electricity). Under these two main categories, you can pick from six main styles:

1. Clear Window Graphics – Transparent and often used to share messaging or logos.
2. Opaque Window Graphics – Non-transparent and often used for privacy or full-window messaging.
3. Perforated Window Decals – Famous for their one-way viewing properties. They're solid from the outside but see-through from the inside.
4. Frosted Decals – Designed to look like frosted glass, they're simple yet effective.
5. Lettering – Cut from vinyl or plastic and a straightforward way to use window space for branding or sales.

Window Clings vs. Window Decals: Which are Best?

 So, which one's best for your business, window clings or decals? It's a question we often get here at Sunrise Signs. Both are eye-catching, but each has its own perks. Window clings are great if you're renting space as they can be removed without a fuss. However, they're not super weather-resistant and may lose their stickiness over time. On the other hand, window decals are stuck on with an adhesive, making them durable, weather-resistant, but not often reusable.

How to Design Window Graphics

When designing your window signs, keep in mind whether they'll be inside or outside. If they're inside, make sure the windows aren't tinted. The design should be clear, concise, and readable from a distance. So, whether you're marketing your brand or spicing up a building's curb appeal, follow these tips for irresistible window graphics.

Remember, the overall message of your window signage is crucial and should align with the type and location of the window graphic. Retail signage tends to be bold and full of product imagery and info, while office signage often displays logos, contact info, and working hours in a way that matches the building's aesthetic. Venue signage can promote upcoming events or reinforce the brand, and vehicle graphics can feature custom brand imagery or business info.

In terms of design, make sure it can be seen both up close and from afar. Use stand-out colors that complement your surroundings, and go for simple shapes and text for a clean, modern look. For size, ensure your images and fonts are proportional to your window, and remember that bigger isn't always better. As for placement, aim for eye level for maximum impact and take note that window clings are best placed inside due to their lower durability. 

Installing and Maintaining Your Custom Window Graphics

When it comes to setting up and maintaining your window signs, you'll find most are pretty simple to install, size dependent of course. A little TLC during installation and cleaning can help your window signs live a long, happy life. If you've got window clings or decals that are reusable, storing them correctly will keep them dust and dirt-free, ensuring they're ready to stick around when you need them next. 

For a quick DIY window signage installation, follow these steps: First, get your window squeaky clean. Dirt or dust can stop the decal or cling from sticking properly. For window cling installation, just peel it off the backing and smooth it on, getting rid of any air bubbles as you go. For vinyl window decals, you might want to use an application fluid. Spray it evenly on the window, start peeling off the backing from the top, and smooth the graphic down the window. Don't worry if you notice some hazing or small water pockets - they'll disappear as the graphic settles in.

Keep an eye on your window decals or clings for any signs of wear and tear or damage. Hand-wash them once a month to keep them shining bright, but avoid using a power washer, as it could damage the material. Basic soap or glass-friendly cleaners should do the trick. 

Did you know you can save your window clings for future use? Yep! If stored correctly, window clings can last for years. When you remove them from the window, sandwich them between sheets of wax paper to stop them from sticking together. Store them in a cool, dry place to avoid any heat damage and consider placing them between pieces of cardboard to keep them flat and prevent curling. 

Window graphics are a smart and stylish way to make the most of natural light and grab your customer's attention. They can prevent sun damage to furniture and artwork by reducing UV light and can help keep your space cool and comfortable. With window decals and clings, you get a low-maintenance, budget-friendly advertising option that's sure to turn heads.

Here at Sunrise Signs, we've been installing vinyl window decals, window clings, and custom-designed privacy film for over fifteen years. We work with a variety of materials, creating bespoke window graphics for brands, communities, and special events. Our team of experts can help you decide which type of window signage is best for your business, and our experienced teams can install your window graphics quickly and cleanly. Get in touch with us for a free quote today!

Window Graphics FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between a window cling and a window decal?

 Well, the difference lies in how they stick to the window. Window clings use static electricity to adhere, making them easy to remove and perfect for folks who rent their spaces. Window decals, on the other hand, use an adhesive to stick to the window. They're super durable, weather-resistant, but not usually reusable because of the nature of their bond.

2. How should I clean my window graphics?

Treat your window graphics gently! It's best to hand-wash them once a month using basic soap or glass-friendly cleaners. Remember, steer clear of power washers - they can damage the material.

3. Can I reuse my window clings?

Absolutely! If you store them properly, your window clings can last for several years. When you take them down, put some wax paper on both sides to keep them from sticking to themselves. Then store them in a cool, dry place. You can even sandwich them between pieces of cardboard to keep them flat.

4. What should I consider when designing my window graphics?

There's a lot to consider, but some key points are visibility (both up close and from a distance), color choice, font style, size of your graphics, and of course, where you'll be placing them. It's important that your graphics are readable, fit well with the surrounding environment, and are placed strategically for maximum impact. 

5. Can you help me install my window graphics?

Here at Sunrise Signs, we certainly can! We recommend professional installation for large format graphics to ensure they look their best. Our experienced teams can install your window graphics quickly and cleanly. Don't hesitate to get in touch for a free quote!

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